Have a Closer Look at Your Garden Insects

Humming-bird Hawk-moth feeding at Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' flowers - in our garden 2 years ago (click to enlarge if needed and look at the middle of the picture!)

Today is the end of National Insect Week, which has been marked particularly well already by posts from Simon and Louise over on their respective blogs. However, I've chosen today to tell you about it as a couple of important surveys are continuing well past this special week for insects.

Firstly Butterfly Conservation are interested in any sightings of Painted Lady butterflies or Humming-bird Hawk-moths in your garden as they would like to build a picture of their annual migration from Africa and the continent respectively into our gardens. The second is a garden moth count of species which are good pollinators/food sources for birds and bats to see how their populations may be changing. You don't need to be an expert to take part in either survey - the above links have plenty of guidance to help you.


  1. Thanks for the links Michelle, I shall definitely be investigating. I have the hummingbird hawkmoth in my garden, and the painted lady. We have bats too, although I have no idea where they roost. x

  2. Great post! Thanks for the links.

  3. Hi VP, thanks for the link. Great photo. Hummingbird hawk moths are fascinating aren't they. When I first saw one I couldn't believe it was a moth because it's such a string flier.


  4. I remember Hummingbird hawk moths from a holiday in Greece where they visited a bougainvillea on our balcony.
    They were almost impossible to photograph as they zipped around at such high speed - and a vague blur when they were actually caught on camera.

  5. TIMP - hope you find them useful - that's why I put them in my posts

    Lets Plant - thanks for coming on over!

    Simon - no problem, you deserve it after your insect marathon. I love HBHMs, they look so exotic don't they?

    EG - know what you mean, quite a few were rejected before we got this shot.


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