ABC Wednesday - D is for...

... Donation

One of the most lovely things about the blogging community is how everyone gets behind a project when they get to hear about it. Last week I told you about my fundraising blog and how Mrs Nesbitt got all crafty and made some cards to donate to the cause. Here are just a few more of the donations made recently by blogging buddies. I went for coffee with Threadspider as usual last week and she gave the pretty sign you see at the top right. Fluffius Muppetus has donated a cheerful mix of wildflower seeds. And ArtistsGarden has made this lovely necklace. All three will be part of the prize giveaways to those of you who make a donation to my virtual garden opening starting this Friday. And the fourth item? Well, meet Nerys - I made her earlier this year and she'll become either a pin cushion or scented bag - depending on what the eventual winner chooses.

Look out for your invitation on Friday. Rest assured there will be lashings of cake available for your visit - whether you make it to the first day on Friday, the last one on September 21st, or somewhere inbetween.

Hop on over here for lots of other ABC Wednesday posts on the theme of D.

: Here's the answers to yesterday's fridge magnets post:
  • Paella dish - Mallorca (to remind me of Margalida's cooking from my wetland research project)
  • Mountain scenery - Colorado
  • Cog wheel - Pike's Peak Railway, Colorado
  • Whitewashed house - Finnikounda, Greece
  • Boomerang - Australia
  • Trolley car - San Francisco
  • City Sights - Boston
  • Sheep - Dublin (plays When Irish Eyes are Smiling. It was a Secret Santa pressie from work as I'd been going to Dublin a lot!)
  • Reindeer - Stockholm (10 days mapping glacial flows in gravel pits)
  • Harbour Bridge - Sydney (also reminds me of Newcastle where I lived for 6 years)
  • Clapperboard - Universal Studios, Florida
  • Flying Doctor Service clip - Cairns
  • Ancient Indian settlement - Mesa Verde National Park
  • Road sign - Australia
  • Taronga Zoo - Sydney (I worked on their Platypus reseach project for a while)


  1. What great gifts. and a great D post

  2. Sounds like a very creative fundraiser...
    Hope you are enjoying a fine ABC Wednesday.
    Best regards, Don.

  3. Wonderful post for ABC Wednesday--D.

    Bear((( )))

  4. A perfect post for you this week, VP. You have some very talented friends.
    I am impressed by all your magnets--and a little jealous:) You have traveled to so many interesting places!

  5. Great Post and happy ABC Wednesday

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. What lovely donations VP. I have an idea of something that I would like to donate if you think it suitable. Not sure about how to go about sorting this out with you but I think that this posting will enable you to email me directly as I am using my Blogger identity. Look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Great stuff! You inspired me..the rest is history!

  9. What a wonderful word for our D-day: DONATION. If only more people would donate to the less fortunate! :D

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  11. The blogs can be a real community, can't they! That's delightful....

  12. Hi everyone - I'll catch up with you over at your place :)


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