And The (Gardeners' World) Winner Is...

...Toby Buckland

I'm not surprised it's him in a way - but the scenario in my head was that if it couldn't be Matthew Wilson, then Carol Klein would get the main presenter role and someone like Toby would join as the junior member of the team. But that's been turned on its head and Toby's the main presenter.

So I'm sad it's not MW, but I had wondered how he'd fit the GW job with his new swanky RHS role. As for Toby, I feel neutral. I enjoy reading his articles in Kitchen Garden magazine, but feel he's too similar to Joe Swift in interests and style for GW to get the shaking up it deserves. However, I'm happy to be proved wrong, wish Toby well and tune in September to find out.

For more entertaining interpretations of today's announcement, The Garden Monkey is hard to beat, though the BBC Gardeners' World Message Board is trying very, very hard. Arabella Sock is in deep mourning with an amended self-portrait to prove it, but has fiendishly swapped sides and is peddling themed merchandise already. EmmaT has resorted to posting cute pictures - shame we didn't see it earlier Emma, it may have helped sway the decision. Victoria is in her best journalist mode and asking for everyone's reaction to the news. As for me? Just as well Esther didn't knit me a balaclava after all...

Update: JAS has commented in style, including a classic reference to Reggie Perrin


  1. Yes, the BBC messageboards are very trying.


  2. I have never been to the BBC message boards.
    Sorry you didn't get the get the job VP ;)
    Hope you are not too sad that MW didn't get it either.
    I didn't think Toby B. was too bad on the last GW I saw. Mind you - I was just thankful that Rugby wasn't on and I got to see it (BBC2 Wales!)

  3. I think that he's a good choice. I hope that he'll be given the time, and proves able, to settle into the job. xx

  4. Thanks for all the links, I laughed myself silly reading them all. I needed a laugh with this shocking news, in fact I'm gutted! ;-)

  5. I am surprised that Toby B is taking over as head gardener. What's happening to Carol K and Joe S. Will Alys F still be appearing. So many questions? I'll have to hop over to the GW site to find all the answers. I hadn't heard the news, so thanks VP. x

  6. GM - ;)

    AG - It was a flight of fancy though wasn't it? Nice whilst it lasted as it was such fun to be part of it. I'm shocked they cancelled the rugby in Wales :O

    Flighty - we'll see.

    Yolanda - glad you enjoyed it!

    TIMP - so many questions, and mostly unanswered I fear. Interstingly Google searches that have found me lately are 'Carol Klein upset' and 'Toby Buckland GW controversy', so I think there's lots out there disappointed at the choice. I feel neutral.


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