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Monday, 18 August 2008

VP's Open Garden - The First Prize Giveaway

Moonfire with bee - yesterday in my garden

I've always intended there to be a prize giveaway if and when my fundraising target was reached. However, I thought it would be towards the end of proceedings, not the first weekend. I don't mind though as it means the potential for lots more going to WaterAid from the blogging community :)

So congratulations to R Pete Free who took the total to £250. The signed copy of Matthew Wilson's book is wending its way to you. It'll be interesting to see if its contents influence Lytes Cary Manor in any way. At the moment, the total raised stands at £365 and I'm thinking about a new target to aim for. How about hopping over to my Open Garden to see how things are going over there?

And don't worry, you'll see there's plenty left for you - look out for the next prize giveaway here later this week. Anyone making a donation (or has done so already) will be eligible for the prize.


  1. Wow, that's quite an achievement! Congratulations VP on an amazing job.

    Lucky Pete too, what a fab prize.

    Zoë xx

  2. I can't believe Pete got the matthew wilson book. I am crying more than those four soppy girls who only got silver in the sculling

  3. Zoe - thanks and I think R Pete Free feels pretty chuffed!

    Emmat - how do you think I feel? My copy's unsigned and I have to give up the signed copy. I'm crying even more than Bradley Wiggins' wife was just now BEFORE her hubby had even started his amazing race!

  4. Amazing that you've reached this goal already! Definitely set the bar higher!

  5. i am crying the most. Don't try and pull rank on me re: love for mateus von darce, i've cried so much my face has swelled up like a dead hedghog in a garden pond.

  6. Oh God there's no contest then - you win. Perhaps you could enter yourself in the cute cuddly animal section of Emsworth instead then? ;)

  7. And Rose - I have. I've just tripled it!

  8. Hooray! and thank-you and congratulations VP.

    Head Gardener here at Lytes is a member of the Panel looking at the effects of climate change on gardens, so I may have o hide the book!

    Oh Emma! Will you still love me if I promise to let you stroke the book cover occasionally (no tear marks please!)

  9. Ha ha Pete just don't be surprised if one day you come home from your polytunnel to find the house mysteriously unlocked, and yet just one item has been stolen...

  10. Hey Raffles - while you are there can you also nick the Flowering Shrubs of India book for me?

  11. Hmm - I think my books are safe. You'll never get past the killer hens! I've been trying to persuade them to pose for a photo for the Emsworth village show, but they keep pecking the camera.

  12. RPF - lock your doors, now!

    Frankie - thanks! Did I see a fundraiser over at yours too?

    Emmat - you don't need to sink to such depths - yet

    GM - you'll have to get past me first!


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