My Other Blogs and Webby Stuff

Here are the rest of the places where I have a presence on the interweb...

Wherever possible I've kept the same Avatar aka Profile Picture aka Favicon across the web, so you know it's me :)


  • Sign of the Times - my regular photojournal. Not many words, but plenty of pictures
  • VP's Open Garden - raised over £1,000 for WaterAid in 2008. Still available for you to wander around my garden and allotment
  • Meet at Malvern - a record of bloggers get togethers at Malvern spring and autumn shows in 2010 and 2011. It also gets updated when I visit the show and has links to other bloggers' posts for those times. It can also be used as a resource for visitors in general or for anyone wanting to arrange a meet up in future. 
  • Box of Delight - an archive of reminisces and things to make me smile, with the odd bit of creative writing thrown in for good measure. Not updated very often


  • My chatty twitterid is @Malvernmeet (my first foray into Twitter to get our first bloggers get together as well known as possible)
  • My blog twitterid is @VegPlotting

I also curate several 'Twitter Newspapers' which is a quick way to read the content (i.e. links) tweeted by the people or organisations I follow using the application. For a general guide to how Twitter Newspapers work, read The Plotting Daily is Out


Try Veg Plotting's Facebook and Instagram pages. These often have additional original content to what appears on this blog e.g. Blooms Day extra.

My YouTube Channel - if you want to see what lawnmower racing looks like, snowing in my garden, or the Christmas lights glowing; bees amongst almond blossom on our estate, or our scary trip across the Pontcysylte Viaduct etc., then this is the place for you

My Amazon Reviews - my book reviews and product testing on Veg Plotting are usually transferred across and adapted for Amazon. There's also lots of extra reviews which aren't included on this blog


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