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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Small World

It's been a strange old week for VP. A casual look at My Tiny Plot's comments early last week took me to Everything in the Garden's Rosy. I left a comment on her Lacock posting and blow me after a couple of exchanged e-mails we find we're based in the same town, live on the same estate and both have an allotment on the same site :-0

After that we had to meet up and inspect each other's plots and duly did so yesterday - yippee! We then retired to my house for a chat in warmer climes and found we not only come from the same city, but also went to the same school. Our attendance overlaps by a couple of years and we'd both been sitting there thinking the other was slightly familiar. It seems very spooky, but according to the 6 degrees of separation phenomenon, it shouldn't be as surprising as it feels. This was successfully re-tested via e-mail in 2003 - however, it looks like our blogging version comes well within the 6 steps:

1. I find the Bath Crafting Cranny, enjoy it so much & decide to blog
2. I set up my own blog
3. The blog's linked to My Tiny Plot (MTP) - found via Bath Crafting Cranny
4. Find Everything's in the Garden's Rosy on MTP's All Change Please comments and voila!

Can you beat this? What's your most spooky coincidence?

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  1. Cam't find any means of contacting you on this site? Wanted to email to say I tagged you - not sure whether you'd be by or checking your stats to see it for yourself. Feel quite free to ignore (and gosh I realise that is two memes in as many weeks; I don't usually do them at all!)


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