Green Leaves Are My Delight

Well, we've had Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day on the 15th as usual, but as a counterpoint Emma from the aptly titled 'A Nice Green Leaf' has gathered a bunch of us together this month to present the 'The Big Green Leaf Day'. It's been great to focus on leaves for a change and to have a good look at just how many forms and colours there are in my garden just from the foliage alone. It's given me a greater understanding of the importance of green in the garden, even when June is considered to be the high time for flowers. I've included some vegetables as usual, but these are from my patio instead of the allotment this time around.


  1. "Green Leaves are my delight"? Nice work - I foresee only moments will elapse before you get a new career as a journalist.

    I completely forgot my sempervirums!

    Gorgeous Heuchera Mint Frost - I've never seen that one before - think you might actually have converted me to Heucheras, which realyl would be an achievement...

  2. A very beautiful slide show. Green is so many colours isn't it?!

  3. Great assortment of leaves. What color blooms do your mystery Heucheras have? That 'Liquorice' looks good enough to eat.

  4. I thought of this entry this morning when I walked round my plot. It is surprising at just how many plant forms and variations of green there are in a small area.
    The funny thing was I was taking photos of the flowers dotted here and there! xx

  5. Nice Heuchera
    Lovely show of greens VP
    In haste - as I am dashing round all the Big Green Leaves tonight as I am tied up tomorrow (well not literally)

  6. Hurray, for greenery, including vegetables. Vegetables can be nourishing and decorative. I enjoyed your slideshow.

  7. Hi there VP, great slide presentation :-D

    I love your foliage plants and we have a few in common especially two favs Jack Frost and Heuchera 'Liquorice' :-D

    Great to see some veg leaves too as many are really quite pretty. But I have say I love the spidery sempervivums :-D

    Have a great week :-D

  8. Emma - I see the Heuchera conversion work continues apace with the lovely monsieur Darcy! AND a big thank you for coming up with the idea in the first place :)

    Suburbia - I didn't realise how many I had until I put this together!

    MMD - They're assorted - most of them are white, but some have the traditional red that gives them their common name of 'coral flower' over here.

    Flighty - do get going with your greens too!

    Karen - glad you liked it!

    Northernshade - welcome and thanks!

    Shirl - thanks for spreading the word and you have a good week too!


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