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Sean over at Bamboo Geek is taking a stand against neighbourhood litter and has started a new site. The idea is to name and shame the corporations whose litter ends up on our streets. I'm only too pleased to bring this to your attention and to add my contribution, so to speak.

I took this picture on January 12th this year whilst having a look at the Dairy Crest milk depot as part of my ongoing Changing Chippenham project. The irony of the litter's location occurred to me at the time. I'm glad Sean has given me the opportunity to revisit my photographs and post about it now.


  1. A worthy shout out, VP.

    Blog on!

  2. McDonalds is usually the worst culprit (or do I mean the SLOBS that throw the trash .. yup .. that is what I meant) .. and we have fast food "ally" to add to it all at our end of Kingston ... I just don't understand why people do it .. I freak if I drop a tissue for god sake ... but then again .. I'm anal as all get out ? LOL

  3. I linked trashwatch a couple of days ago. Great cause.


  4. Many thanks VP for the support of Trash Watch!


  5. Kate - thanks! Hoep you're back on Blotanical soon

    Joy - spookily I thought of McD too

    Aunt Debbi - saw your post, just had to Pick it :)

    Sean - my pleasure - only too pleased to bring the campaign over the pond!

  6. people need to be more thoughtful about their garbage. Earth is not a huge dust bin you know.

  7. Too right Nabeel! And thanks for visiting :)


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