ABC Wednesday - V is for...

I believe our American cousins are more familiar for this term to describe those pesky self-sown seedlings and plants that crop up on our plots and gardens in unwanted places. At home its sycamore seedlings that are my bugbear, on my plot it's potatoes. Mind you, last year's volunteer spud crop was my best as they didn't suffer from blight. This year I appear to have a special climbing variety that's managed to find its way into one of my compost bins.

Bet you thought I was going to talk about the other kind of helpful volunteer ;)
For other ABC V posts, hop on over to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.


  1. Yes, I was (the other kind of volunteer). But actually, I really expected you to use vegetable!

  2. Over here, we have musk melon volunteers all over the garden. I am letting them run and hope we get fruit.


  3. I havent heard the term volunteer in this sense before. I too am inundated with Sycamore seedlings and potatoes in my compost heap.

  4. There are a lot of that kind of volunteers in my garden as well. I'd rather have the ones that come and help in the garden for free. ;-)

  5. Specifically, I use the term "volunteer" to mean wanted plants that magically appear in my garden. The others are just plain "weeds." They don't volunteer so much as invade.

  6. That confused me for a while!
    Hope you're having a good holiday.

  7. I sympathize! I get volunteer potatoes growing everywhere, so hard to get rid of.

  8. Rose - I'm glad I kept you on your toes - I wouldn't like to be too predicatable!

    Aunt Debbi - sounds delicious, save some for me!

    PG - I was thinking of you and your volunteers when I wrote this

    Yolanda - wouldn't it be lovely?

    MMD - I think I'll adopt your definition

    Suburbia - we did thank you :)

    Mrs Nesbitt - thanks

    Matron - I thought you might. Must dust off my trusty trug for your meme...


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