Bristol Ho!

From Bristol Harbour we set sail
When blowin' it was a devil of gale
With the ring-tail set all avast the mizzen peak
And the rule britannia plowin' up the deep

With a Bristol Ho! Tow row row
Foll dee roll dee rye dolly day

It's Sing For Water time again! Chris, our choirmaster has been busy organising the first event in the south west and tomorrow's the big day. 600 of us will be assembling dockside at the Lloyds TSB amphitheatre in Bristol to sing our socks off for WaterAid. We're rehearsing there all morning and the real event kicks off at 2.30 pm. The Wiltshire Wailers will get things going in style with Now Let Us Sing and Bamba Lela - you can still hear us performing these songs on Chris' website together with the words for tomorrow's programme.

We've seven songs to sing for the main event, which also shows off the talents of some of our local choirmasters as they've either written or arranged them. Seeing we'll be harbourside it's most appropriate one of them's a local sea shanty. The first verse and chorus are shown above as is a view of The Matthew - a replica of Cabot's ship which sailed to America - and the harbour quite close to where we'll be singing. It's impossible not to sing this shanty without suddenly finding yourself singing with a Bristol accent and a massive smile on your face!

Pray it doesn't rain and I hope to see you there tomorrow :)


  1. Good luck - see if you can sing loud enough for us to listen in London! I'll be thinking of you.

  2. Hi Victoria - with a bit of luck you might be able to get a wee taster on The Glastonbury Festival coverage on Sunday as a choir of 20 (mostly the choirmasters and event arrangers as a reward for their hard work) will be performing on The Park stage at 11 am!

    Sigh. Chris did ask for a choir of 200 on The Pyramid stage. Next year perhaps.

  3. Oh I thought you were going to say that you were going to be singing on the boat as it went round the harbour

    Hope all went well

  4. I hope you had a wonderful time and it all went well today.

  5. Arriving after the event~~I do hope all went well and you had a great time? gail

  6. Hi VP! Your singing event sounds like a ton of fun. Add in some boats and water and a charity, seems like just about perfect. Hope it's a great success!

    Yes please, I'd love it if you added my post to your public plantings meme again. Thank you! I'm so glad you're keeping on with that, it's so interesting to see what people do with these spaces. I am seeing so much more than I did last year - not sure if it's that I'm looking more or that more people are trying it. Maybe both!

  7. Anna - we did!

    Cameron - actually it was a very hot day ;)

    PG - That would have been wonderful, but I think you'll like my update on The Matthew today

    HM - It was fabulous :D

    Gail - we did, see today's update :)

    Karen - we had a huge audience. I met a lovely couple from Bristol who'd heard about it on the local radio and had hopped on the bus immediately to come and hear us!


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