Off on Holiday...

I'm away in North Norfolk at the moment - have been for a while actually - where I'm hoping the weather will mean we'll need to follow rules 1-3 of the notice I found in London recently, but can safely ignore rules 4-5, unless T-shirts are included. My U for ABC Wednesday is scheduled to go up on the 10th and I'll be back shortly after that.

In the meantime, don't forget about Out on the Streets - just click on the picture in the right sidebar, leave a comment on there when you've put your contribution up for June and I'll come and have a proper look real soooooon.


  1. Have fun...excuse me, please continue to have fun! gail

  2. Hope you have a great time and the weather is better than here this weekend.

  3. Ooh, "operatives!" I'll head on over to my traffic circle for a photo soon! Have a good trip.

  4. Have fun.

    Remember to wear a shirt. (Sometimes.)


  5. Hope you're having a lovely holiday, and not getting too wet! If you're passing this way on 14th, by any chance, do let me know - there are some open gardens in this area which are worth visiting that day! I'm guessing you'll probably be back home by then though.

    Oh - and Mannington Gardens are worth visiting if you're anywhere near there & if you like roses - and Blickling is wonderful.

  6. "operatives" LOL!! Doesn't anyone have a normal job name any more? If builders are operatives, what next?

    Hope you're enjoying Norfolk. I'd love to go back there for another visit one day :)

  7. Hope that you are having a great holiday VP. A lovely part of the country. Mind you I am biased - my Dad is from Norfolk :) Wonder if you will have the chance to visit East Ruston Old Vicarage. Have fun !

  8. Agree with the East Ruston vote (just 5 miles from my Mum!) and don't forget the Piet Oudolf plantings at Pensthorpe (also entertaining waterfowl!)

  9. Thanks for your good wishes everyone and glad the notice made you smile. As you can guess, we had a great time and I've got lots to tell you.

    Forgive, the general response to you all, but there's lots of comments to get through that you've all left in my absence. I'm not complaining, but will come over for a visit instead.

    Sadly the planned day at East Ruston Vicarage didn't happen as we were rained off. We did manage Blickling, Norfolk Lavender and Brssingham though - that's about as much as NAH can stand!


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