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Since the beginning of the year I've been participating in Anna's Gardening By Letter Project, one of those wonderfully simple ideas you always wished you'd thought of yourself. Several of us cheerfully volunteered to send the others a card or letter, plus any extra goodies we had to hand, to make the blogosphere and gardening buddies in particular just that little bit closer and personal. Anna's been co-ordinating the parcels all year and last month it was my turn. Of course it's difficult to get 11 people lined up on time, so my parcel arrived in the middle of last week. I didn't mind, the good things in life are worth waiting for!

Here's a glimpse of the wonderful cards and letters I've received. I've been catching up properly with everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness in the garden this morning. What better place is there to do so, especially as September's warm sunshine we've been enjoying is still here?

If you glance at the right hand side of the photo, you'll see that I'm not showing you the complete picture. I'm such a tease. I also have a marvellous stash of gardening gifts that'll especially help to cheer up the winter months ahead. I'm not showing them now as it'll spoil things for the remaining recipients, but rest assured I will be doing so later :)

So my heartfelt thanks goes to:

It's been great getting to know you and I'll pop over to yours to thank you properly very soon. Today all those miles which separate us, seem no distance at all :D


  1. Oh goodie!! I'm so glad it arrived. I've been gone this week to the Garden Writer's Symposium and see you've been enjoying the parcel of goodies. Such thoughtful folks huh? Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. Isn't it fun opening that big package? Now that I've received mine, it makes me excited for the next months recipient because I know how fun it will be for them. It does make the world seem smaller when we make these types of connections. Have fun with all your gifts!

  3. Anna - thanks so much for arranging all of this, it's a fantastic parcel!

    Catherine - welcome! It's such fun :D Thank you for such thoughtful gifts and a lovely card/letter. I'll be over to give you a proper thank you later :)

  4. Hi VP, it's good to hear your pkg. finally got to you! Yours went out a bit late...and I was one of those who might have contributed to the delay;-( Congrat's on your Blot. deserve it!

  5. Jan - I'm equally guilty of tardiness most months! When it arrives matters not one jot, it's the thought you and the rest involved in the project which counts.


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