Thanks Everyone

Phew. I've just got back from today's tremendous public planting seminar and I've so much to tell you about it. The main message from today is: DO NOT ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY. We do deserve something much better with our open spaces. I don't have the time or energy to say any more after an absolutely packed day and a 4 hour drive back, but rest assured I'll have plenty to say over the next few days, if not longer ;)

However I do want to take the time right now to thank everyone who's voted for Veg Plotting in the first round of the Blotanical awards. I'm quite stunned, but absolutely chuffed to have 4 nominations going forward into the final round of voting. I'm even more pleased so many of my favourite blogs which missed out last year have garnered the recognition they deserve this time around. And I must say to everyone who's missed out this year - don't get downhearted. Stick with it, join in the fun and I'm sure you'll be the one grinning from ear to ear next time.


  1. I love the message about not accepting mediocrity, you must be very excited about that. And many congrats on your nominations, well deserved! :-)

  2. Well done on your 4 nominations V.P.

    I look forward to hearing more about your public planting seminar.


  3. Congrats, VP!!! What a triumph! If you ever doubted, now you KNOW you're doing something right!!! (And with no trace of mediocrity, I might add.)

  4. Congratulations, and Good Luck. ~bangchik

  5. Congrats on the nominations, VP. Looking forward to hearing more about the seminar.

  6. Many congratulations, VP. Although I think they ought to have had another category just for you, for trying to make a difference to the world. I'm a huge admirer of your energy and enthusiasm and it deserves recognition.

  7. Congratulations. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  8. You deserve every one of those nominations!! Best of luck.

  9. What a tease! When are we going to hear about the divine Beardshaw? I'm going to be away for the weekend so will have to wait. :(

    Congrats on the nominations.

  10. Frances - thanks you and well done to you too!

    Karen - my brain's still whirling and I'm still working out exactly how many posts there'll be. But it was absolutely fantastic and free!

    OFB - thank you, it's so encouraging. But I can't help thinking about everyone who's missed out this year. You must be chuffed though - well done!

    Bangchik and Kadakh - thank you :)

    HM - thanks and there's loads to tell you!

    Victoria - you don't know how much your comment means to me, especially as 'Making a Difference' is one of my Life's goals :)

    Martyn - thank you :)

    TGG - thanks and well done on getting nominated too :)

    Arabella - sadly no pap photos for you, but there are tales to tell! Have a great weekend :)

  11. Congratulations my dear on your well deserved nominations! Good luck...I look forward to hearing more about not accepting mediocrity...I wish our city leaders had attended the presentation! gail

  12. Congratulations on the Blotanical nominations! You deserve it.

  13. Finally meeting you face to face, what a bonus on top of a really interesting day! Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye...I was a bit involved in chewing some poor bloke's ear off for the terrible quality of some of the plants the nursery had put by for me, then traipsing all over the site for better ones. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of the day x

  14. Gail - thanks and many congratulations to you! I wish all LA parks managers had attended this. I fear the already converted were the one that attended. However, it was good to have the opportunity to talk to so many people from the horticulture industry and have the opportunity to consolidate some of my thoughts on public planting thus far and to find some fresh ideas/information.

    Susan - thanks and so do you :)

    Catherine - it's going to be quite a series, starting today. It was great to meet you too and I'm glad you've shared what was going on in those greenhouses. I hope we get a bit longer for a chat next time!

  15. Congratulations on your nominations VP - most well deserved !

  16. Thanks Anna - I nominated you for Best Newcomer, but sadly it wasn't to be :(


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