ABC Wednesday 5: G is For...

... Giggle

Well, what would you do if you were confronted by a man dressed as a nun, driving a piano down the street and falsetto singing Give Me Joy in My Heart?

Devizes International Street Festival on Monday afternoon was a series of bizarre encounters - including men dressed as angels, bicycle ballet, puppetry, dancing slinkies, amazing paper hats and the marvellous Shooglenifty ensuring there was dancing in the streets - but this final one just as we we got to the car park was probably the weirdest of all and guaranteed my uncontrollable fits of giggles all the way home.

It's worth having a look at all of the links to give you a flavour of what we enjoyed on Monday for free. If you have time for only one, then do please have a look at the nun ;)

For more on the theme of G, do have a look at the ABC Wednesday blog.


  1. I kind of liked the slinkies. It must have been a fun time, lots of freedom of expression! :-)

  2. I so wanted to go to this, but didn't get back in time. One for next year definitely.

  3. And on a totally different subject, have you seen the tree that's suddenly split in two and crashed down in Corsham Court - a garden of sorts - it would make a great picture. It is at the far end of the field after the 'hand wash' advertising van - you need to take a short walk to get to it but worth it; I was absolutely stunned.

  4. Was he wearing yellow wellies?

    He made me giggle as well and I didn't even hear him or see him for real!

  5. You're right he did make me giggle!! Great photo for G....

  6. Marvelous, - lots of giggles on the street, I'm sure!

  7. Brilliant! Not only able to play his instrument with no hands, but jet propelled, too. The children's reaction to his performance was priceless. What fun you all have in your part of the world!

    (The WV for this comment is cachprod - bit of a worry, that!)

  8. I acyually had a slinky as a stoking filler last christmas and it's a great stress buster. Makes me giggle just like this post.

    Still linky on the blinky.

  9. Hahaha! Well you certainly see the sights down there, don't you? LOL!

    I'd love to see the Bicycle Ballet! I had to go to iTunes to find out about Shooglenifty, because I couldn't find a link on their site to listen, but I found them there. I do love fiddle music!

    Great G post!

  10. LOL, VP, you do manage to see some interesting sights besides gardens:) This reminds me of the time a group of us teachers dressed up as nuns for the annual school talent show and sang a song from "Sister Act." There's something about a man in a nun's habit that just makes you laugh.

  11. Giggle is right!
    He is funny..I shall pour another cup of coffee and have a look at the other photographs...looks as if you had a fun time.

  12. Thanks VP. Giggling is good for me especially when the weather is so foul. Somewhat Monty Pythonesque :)

  13. That was quite the oddity, and it gave me a giggle too. The dancing slinkies looked pretty large. The whole event looks quite interesting. Great photo.

  14. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the brainstorm where this particular ideas arose....

    'I'm thinking "Sound of Music" meets Liberace'

    'Fabulous, but what we really need to top it off is some yellow wellies'


  15. ABCers - I'm on my way for a visit to you shortly :)

    Frances - loads of fun, the slinkies did lots of different performances in various parts of the market square.

    Mark - you MUST go, it was such fun! It was my first time this year, but it certainly won't be the last.

    Nige - he was just fabulous. We couldn't see him at first, but there was a very loud 'Halleluyah Chorus' coming down the street behind us at speed. When I went to look, that's what I found and I got a blessing in the process!

    Rose - I'm still giggling :)

    Anna - Pythonesque hits the nail firmly on the head as he spoke just like Michael Palin used to!

    Dawn - aren't they marvellous? ;)


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