Out on the Streets: September 2009

My dear friends, September is upon us and it's time for another episode of Out on the Streets :)

Now's your chance to show us the autumnal side of the public planting in your neighbourhood and/or on your travels, such as the pictured bright display I found outside Chippenham Town Hall last Saturday.

We had a wide variety of wonderful contributions in March and June, which you might like to look at for inspiration, or you may like to have a look at the post I wrote when I introduced my public planting series to see how I'm defining it for my own use this year. They may help you to focus in on a particular topic though it's entirely up to you what you choose to write about. We're here to celebrate the good, the bad AND the ugly as long as it's in the public eye ;)

So when to post? It's up to you. I'm keeping this topic open from now and during the whole of September and I'll put up a clickable photo link in my right hand sidebar as usual, so you can easily find your way back here. I'll add Mr Linky to this post shortly, so that everyone can travel around everyone's posts more easily. However, if you write yours before I do that, then do let me know by leaving me the details in the Comments below and I'll ensure it gets added to the list.

News hot off the press. I've just found out I've blagged my way onto a free seminar on Best Practice for Public Planting at the end of this month at one of the major nurseries which supplies plants to local authorities. Chris Beardshaw and the head of horticulture for Westminster council are two of the keynote speakers, so I'm hoping to learn loads on the day and tell you all about it :)

Don't worry if you've nothing to contribute for September as I'll also be running a special sparkly edition in December.

See you soon, Out on the Streets!

Update 7th September: I've now added Mr Linky: do add your name and the full URL link to your OOTS post - not just your blog URL - in the appropriate boxes below. Many thanks for your contribution and I'll come over for a visit real soon :)


  1. Oh good! I have time to get the photos I've been thinking about! gail

  2. Doesn't time fly ? A return visit to the 'Pool methinks if it ever stops raining :)

  3. The prize winning prison garden was really good - and it sounds like it had a knock-on effect all round the prison too. An excellent idea! :)

  4. What a good idea but the problem is there are too many ideas on posts and not enough time to execute and look at all the other lovely blogs.

  5. Susan - hurrah - I always look forward to seeing what you come up with :)

    Gail - I'm doing plenty of posts this month, so that'll keep reminding you to takes those pics!

    Anna - perhaps you could take a picture of a pool in 'Pool if it doesn't stop raining ;)

    Nutty Gnome - isn't it great? That's why I just had to include it.

    Joanne - whoa! I didn't mean it to get too complicated for you. Just ignore all my links and take a simple picture of what's close to you, that's all you need to do :)

  6. I have some late summer photos waiting to be posted, so I think I'll do a combo August/September OOTS post. Congrats for getting on the panel.

  7. MMD - thanks and I'm really looking forward to your post!

  8. Hi there VP , finally got here! That’s a very nice display here… like the density of planting :-D

    Ah… I see you’d love to see the ugly too… that is an interesting angle! As you’ve seen already I went on the wild side ;-)

    Congrats on getting on to your seminar I am certain you will enjoy it thoroughly… especially any Q&A sessions ;-)

    Enjoy the rest of your week :-D

  9. I've added an OOTS post today about the gardens and planters in Ottawa, Ontario.

  10. Hi Linda - thanks for joining in this month. Ottawa's plantings are spectacular :)

  11. Oops, sorry Shirl - didn't mean to leave you out there! Thanks for showing us your views of Scotland. I'm particularly taken with the wildflower meadow verge you showed us. If only more locations could adopt such an approach, I'm sure it would be a great boost to our wildlife.

  12. It stopped raining VP and I returned to the 'Pool :) My post is up now. Will be back later to visit some of the other OOTS posts.

  13. Hi Anna - yours is the first to return to a previous spot to see how it's doing and it was well worth the trip, so thanks so much for taking the trouble :)

  14. Hi VP, I did another OOTS post showing all the statues in Ottawa. I know it doesn't quite meet your requirements but I love the concept of out on the street

  15. Hi Crafty Gardener - another fantastic contribution :) Sculpture's still valid for OOTS in my view as there are plenty of public spaces where planting might not be appropriate. Some of your chosen photos show a good 'marriage' between sculpture and trees too.

  16. Hi VP,

    As promised I've done an OOTS post for The Fens. I visited Ely and its beautiful cathedral today and was pleasantly surprised by the bright and well maintained public planting.

    RO :o)

  17. RO - many thanks for that. It's good to have something so colourful from the other side of the country :)

  18. VP, Flowers without watering! Just for your Ootsy viewing pleasure.

  19. Helen - many thanks for such a fantastic contribution. One of the more unusual aspects of what OOTS is all about :)

  20. A bit late in the day and slightly curtailed my OOTS offering from France :)

  21. Thanks Anna - I saw you's posted just before your message came through, so I've already been a visiting :)

  22. Coming very late to the OOTS party!
    My link features an exuberant planter on a Chicago street corner, along with a bar/restaurant that's so lushly adorned with flowers and foliage that it stops you in your tracks! Photographed on my visit to the Windy City in late-September. Thanks VP, for coming up with this idea ;~] Alice

  23. Alice - you're most welcome and there's still plenty of us here :)

    I think your Chicago streets were the ones I was looking out for last quarter, so It's great you've found them and posted them this time!


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