Unusual Front Gardens #5: Topiary

Like last time, I'm indebted to fellow Chippenham blogger Mark for this example. He told me about its existence early on in my front garden series, but it wasn't until I went to his house a couple of weeks ago to pick up a spare dalek compostbin that I finally got to see what he meant in all its glory. It looks like a couple of neighbours have a friendly rivalry going, because this is what's on view next door:

The creature on the right might be a crocodile - what do you think?


  1. Wonderful! I love topiary, and these look like a great way of expressing creativity in the garden. It must be lovely to join with a neighbour in creating it too.

  2. I love topiary too :o)

    There is a fab train in the front hedge of a house as you drive down the hill out of Highworth on the B4019 towards Coleshill. It always makes me chuckle as I whizz past!

  3. I wasn't able to enlarge the second picture to get a closer look, but it does look like they have a menagerie in their front yard:) This must make drivers slow down to take a second look.

    By the way, though the deadline has long passed, I did post a fall OOTS today. I hope if you do this again next year, VP, I can get my act together and be on time!

  4. They look as though they are having fun whatever it is.

  5. Phoenix C - I'm hoping it's a friendly rivalry!

    RO - thanks for the tip!

    Rose - sorry about that Blogger doesn't seem to like making all images clickable if you use more than 1 in a post :( Will come on over and look at your OOTS :)

    Joanne - yes, FUN's most important in gardening isn't it?


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