Enjoying the Red, Yellow and... er, Orange?

I had to go to Corsham last week to visit my dentist, but as I arrived early, I took the opportunity to have a brief exploration of the town's Millennium Garden. I've only really looked at it in passing before and whilst it wasn't the best of times of the year to have a closer look, there was still quite a bit of interest.

I was especially taken with the above Acer. Bright red stems and buttery yellow leaves did much to raise my spirits on the kind of miserable day which November seems to specialise in. I also admired its bright orange berries...

Hold on, Acers don't have berries, never mind bright orange ones!

A closer inspection revealed my error: the rowan tree nearby had lovingly adorned the Acer with lots of its berries.


  1. rowan & acer is a lovely combination!

  2. It's kind of like borrowed flowers from a Clematis vining through. Who ever planted that did a great job planning for autumn interest.

  3. I've always loved the orange berries of Pyracantha!

  4. Great photo. I didn't know they had a Milennium Garden, must look for it next time I am at the auctions.

  5. Isn't it great when nature tricks us?!
    I think Acers are gorgeous, but when combined with Rowans, they just look superb!

  6. Hi VP - I've sussed my blog loading problem ... it was Himself! He nicked my screen to do something, but didn't screw the cable thingy in properly when he put it back - just in case he needed to borrow it again! The cable then slowly began to slither out, but it only became obvious when big blog pages with lots of detail on wouldn't load properly. And, as you can see,I've fixed it now though! :)
    Glad to be back.
    me again!

  7. Lovely one thing about blogging is it encourages us to get out there enjoying nature with our cameras


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