How Advertising Works in Chippenham #11

  1. Decide to make your living through writing in stone
  2. Find a derelict but prominent place to show off the kind of thing you can do
  3. Wait for a blogger to have a good look at your wares by the railway viaduct
  4. Wait for that blogger to tell the blogger with the camera what you've found
  5. Et voila!

In case you missed it first time round, just like I've done for so many years, compare the word area with the rest of the piece. My thanks to Mark for telling me I should take a look again at this body of work ;)

And here's a wider view of the first thing you see when you hit Chippenham's high street should you walk into town (like I do) from the west. Welcoming isn't it?


  1. This reminds me of when I went to calligraphy classes and made a mistake with the lettering more than half way down the page :)

  2. I will look more closely at monumental signs in future; love the post

  3. At least it wasn't a spelling mistake - but I wonder if Mr Long has ever noticed!

  4. Seriously that is an affront to 175years of (probably) sterling work. It really ought to be done again, what a advert *rolls eyes*. I would suggest an annonymous letter to the local paper.

    Hahahaha, mmy verification work is strokey - made me laugh...

  5. Glad you liked it. But it is only since reading the marvellous Veg Plotting that I keep seeing things like this.

    The word 'years' is wrong too,

    I wondered if they noticed and thought - 'darn it, oh never mind...'

  6. I suppose you could say it was a monumental error.

  7. Anna - that would be the kind of thing I would do :(

    Grethic - it's really down to Mark, but glad you like it :)

    EG - perhaps I should tell him? ;)

    Carrie - it's made me laugh too!

    Juliet - ;)

    Mark - awwww thank you :)

    Helen - that pun was a grave mistake ;)


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