Things in Unusual Places #7: Children

Further to my Advertising post last week, it's amazing what you can pick up in garden centres these days ;)

Do click on the image to enlarge it if needed.


  1. Hiya!

    What a great trip to the garden centre they had! I remember as a child jumping into trollies on any occasion possible.

    I always have the tendency to do the trolley ride in the supermarket too. Damn these social rules!


  2. I find the sign advertising Fat Snax even more interesting. I really hope that is the way to the cafe and not something dull like bird food!

  3. And opposite the Fat Snax is the suet feast!

    Good photo

  4. the bigger the cart/trolley the more you can haul:)

  5. I like Whitehall though the cafe is over-priced and the staff not always very friendly. The new Aquarium Centre is good.

  6. I was intrigued by the Fat Snax too. When my kids were little, I used to put them in one of the little red wagons they have at garden centers around here. They liked the ride, but ended up filthy.

  7. Goodness, my friend Helen would be so p*ssed off, she just spent 9 and half months pregnant and huge and then had to go through labour 2days ago to get a girl! If only she had known you could just go to the 'nursery', haha.
    Maybe i could do that - no pregnancy and i'll remember to keep the receipt!!!!

  8. Hope they are put into gardening clothes when they get home!

  9. Totally different subjects but thought you'd be interested:

    Unusual gardens - have you seen the model garden in College Close which is just past the new flats on station road. I think it is rather good - especially the Cotswold houses and the castle with a waterfall. Well worth a photo.

    Corsham Court - remember the tree that had a large branch fall down? It has now been sliced up and the sections of trunk are quite nice. I noticed someone taking one yesterday - they used a little trolley; otherwise it would need two blokes I suspect to carry one one. They are quite hard to describe but they would look good in a garden, perhaps as a child's seat or drilled with holes they would make an excellent home for beetles, ladybirds etc.

  10. Bet they're on offer, buy one get loads free!!!

    Always the way!!


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