A Taste Of My Garden

Yesterday afternoon NAH and I visited our local farm shop* to see which unusual apple varieties they have on sale at the moment. Whilst there I spotted the pictured shelf of honey. Now Allington is less than a mile as the bee flies from my garden, so there must be plenty of the nectar from my flowers in each and every one of these jars :)

* = a thinly veiled excuse to have the largest slice of chocolate banana fudge cake ever in the tea room :o


  1. Given that your plants contributed to this honey, I assume you asked for a discount?

  2. I imagine that discovery gave you a real buzz VP :)

  3. Well done you, keeping bees in action and small business afloat. Surely you should have a cut of the sales!!? A well deserved piece of cake if ever there was one.

    'gave you a real buzz' - hahahahaha

  4. VP yo have been a bizzy bee supporter and if you could .. would you mail me some of that cake PLEASE ? LOL
    Joy : )

  5. Way to go your local bee supporter you:)

  6. Banana fudge cake! By coincidence, I sinned the same way, almost (allowing for time differences) simultaneously. Should it become (or beecome?) the official NaBloPoMo treat? We need sustenance to get us through these last few days. What say you?

  7. Just catching up with several posts - glad you had a good holiday - Dunham Massey looks as though it will be lovely when it's had the chance to grow a bit more.

    Congratulations on your secateurs! I'm not strong enough to use Felcos - have played with them in shops and they're too chunky and springy for me - I've also gone through a number of cheap pairs but now I have Wolfgarten (much cheaper than Felcos but not really cheap) anvil ones and they are just right for me.

    I'll have to look out for your farm shop when I'm next in the area - do you know this one at all? - we usually go there when we are in that part of the country - excellent shop, lovely cafe, friendly staff.

  8. Martyn - the thought did cross my mind, especially as it's £3.99 a jar!

    Anna - it did :)

    Carrie - I love seeing them in the garden and I'd often wondered where they were coming from, so it's good to know :)

    Joy - no, you're going to have to come over and get some! ;)

    Debbi - thank you and I trust you had a great Thanksgiving?

    Helen - oooooooh, that sounds a good idea, we could post pics of our treat simultaneously! Not long to go now, just a couple more posts to go...

    Juliet - no I don't know that one - must look out for it. Give me a buzz if you do get to Allington and would like to meet up, we're very close to it!


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