ABC of Weather: Weathervane

The first weather related instrument I had in my garden is this weather vane, which appeared in 2000 as a Christmas present. As you can see its accuracy can be questionable in the summer as the Rambling Rector rose - despite an emergency pruning last week so our miracle could happen - and Clematis 'Kermesina' tend to overrun it a little. However, I love its position on the fence between ourselves and the public land next door: it's more like we have a special garden lookout rather than an ordinary weather vane.

Whenever we go down to Poole to visit NAH's aunt, I always look out for a particular house in Charlton Marshall. It's the home of Dorset Weathervanes and there's nearly always a different one on display on the cottage. Last week it was this rather sunny number. If I ever replace my cockerel, I think I might just treat myself to one from there because they always make me smile.

How's the weather with you today? Here it's hot and sunny.

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  1. I now realise a weather vane is exactly what my garden is lacking.

    Damn it woman - this is not good for my bank balance!

  2. I always feel so inspired when I visit garden blogs - I can be inspired for the rest of the day , but there are some nettles I need to deal with!

    Thanks so much for contributing, always a fun day don't you think?

  3. love weathervanes

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I like your weathervane and the ones at the Dorset site are adorable. Weather is spectacaculur here in Southern California USA!

  5. I wish I had a weathervane. This one is perfect!

  6. Hi everyone - gald you like my weathervane, he is rather fine!

    Dawn - my version was a lot cheaper!

    Gayle - welcome :)


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