Postcard from Staffordshire

The view last week from the front of our cottage...

... and the view from the back. Those dots by the trees are the owners'* hens who visited and amused us every day. We stayed in a tiny hamlet called Moneystone (too small for our satnav) in the beautiful Churnet valley. A place with an interesting geology which in ages past was the scene of heavy industry: it was here that the copper wire for the Transatlantic cable was made. You wouldn't know it now, except for the relics of old lime kilns, mines, canal wharves and a heritage steam railway which were dotted around the countryside, now being reclaimed by the local flora for us to explore on our walks and bike rides.

We were based just outside the southern edge of the Peak District with the same gorgeous scenery but without the many visitors the national park attracts. I suspect the majority of them who do come to this part of Staffordshire go to Alton Towers nearby and leave it at that. Lucky us then, because the rest is blissfully quiet and definitely a place to recharge the batteries, unscramble the brain and birdwatch from bed :)

Contrast our daily view with this one from when we went to the local sports centre in Cheadle ;)

There's more posts to follow...

* they were very friendly, welcoming (lovely cakes and coffee - mmm) and had lots of ideas for exploration plus recommendations for good places to eat out.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and you are right that too many of our guests do make Alton Towers the sole purpose of their visit. It is gratifying when they come back for a longer visit next time. . . but your comment about there being enough to do and explore around the Churnet Valley to fill two weeks hit exactly the right note with me. I'm still discovering interesting things after nearly 10 years.

    I am discovering things just by reading your blog (Cheadle's taste in posters for one thing - not nice!). It is a great blog, keep up the good work.
    Come again any time! Catherine

  2. It looks a tranquil spot VP - hope that you feel rested and restored. Liked the advert outside the sports centre :)

  3. Looks beautiful. I really like those parts of the country that are a little less visited. The peak district is beautiful but Staffordshire is lovely in another, quiet way. Glad you had a good week.

  4. Hermes - it was :)

    Catherine - hello and welcome! We'll be taking you up on your offer :)

    Anna - so rested and restored I'm only just getting round to catching up with my comments!

    Elizabeth - hope to see you soon over in yours or Karen's tranquil spot - perhaps in August?


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