This Year's Cyclamen Colour is...

Why? Because...
  • I love their colour
  • I love the contrast with the silvery leaves
  • I need to replace some rather fetching red I've had in a couple of my summer pots
  • They made the pink and the white ones on offer look wishy washy (and they were rather leggy too whereas these are sturdy and healthy)
  • I couldn't resist a whole tray of 18 for a mere tenner (one of my usual autumn bargains from Frank's Plants which means I can indulge myself)
  • Need I say more? ;)
What's your colour this year?


  1. A beautiful flower.

    My color for the year? Sage, born of necessity.

  2. Glorious colour, and great price - I thought I was doing well getting 5 for £6! I went for white this year, last year it was brilliant lipstick-pink.

  3. great deal! luscious color. i am leaning towards whatever neon-bright orange-y shade the mums have (must wait until this weekend to indulge).

  4. One of my favourite flowers - especially the hardy ones. I've ended up with lots of pink in the garden this year, by accident not design. Planning is so not my thing.

  5. Susan - sage is a good colour though.

    Janet - welcome! I was checking out the prices at Malvern on Saturday. I most definitely got a bargain!

    EG - it was mainly white for me earlier in the year. Looks like the fading light is goading me into choosing something more dramatic


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