OOTS: Chippenham's Trees

In an earlier addition of OOTS I gave you the glad tidings that our High Street in Chippenham was going to be graced with some new trees. Well, here's a couple of them posing outside the entrance to Neeld Hall yesterday. There's another 8 of them in various locations nearby and I think they're a big improvement which should get even better with time. I showed you a different view of the same entrance last year and now the large floral planters have moved across the road to either side of the entrance to the Emery Gate shopping centre. I also noticed there's much more in the way of hanging baskets this year, making the New Road area of town look less like the High Street's poorer cousin. If was writing a school report I'd say: B+, Chippenham has tried much harder this year. I look forward to more of the same in 2011.

On my way back home and up to where I'd parked my car at Homebase, I was totally surprised to find 2 apple trees: 1 just outside and the other within the car park. I wonder what variety they are: they certainly aren't crab apples. The one you can just see in the background (click to enlarge if needed) has red apples which look suspiciously like eating apples :)

I'm keeping OOTS going for a little longer as I'm in Kent today at my long anticipated Soft Landscaping workshop and I'll report back on how it went soon. If you've got a post for OOTS, do go and add it to Mr Linky here.


  1. Yes- I agree with your report card comment. The town is looking more cared for and some of the baskets in New Road are stunning!
    Now, if only they could let a few more of those empty shop units....

  2. neeld hall is certainly much improved with the plantings! enjoy your workshops.

  3. TS - I feel much better walking around town. I wonder if the extra council tax funds from swapping us into Chippenham Without have helped to make the difference?

    Petoskystone - it was fab! More to come.

  4. It looks very nice but it is a shame the Town Council feel the need to have very nice hanging baskets and the tree outside the Town Hall. In the summer the tree detract from the hanging baskets. Maybe the trees could be move to another part of the High Street where there is no decoration?

  5. Hello Anonymous - I think you must be a Chippenham resident or at least a regular visitor :)

    I've looked at the picture again after your comment. I think the trees frame the hanging baskets, but then that's my opinion. The council must have thought like you do and did remove the other floral planters to the the other side of the street though. The original plan was for 20 trees, so whether we ever get the other 10 remains to be seen.


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