Reading Veg Plotting on the Move

Blogger in Draft has a new template designed to make reading Blogger blogs easier on mobile devices. It looked good when I previewed it - much better than what the full web version looks like on a mobile - and seeing from my stats there are a few people out there who are reading Veg Plotting on the move, I've just enabled it for here.

Of course the best judges of whether the template works are those who actually use it, so if you do have an i-Phone, Blackberry, or similar I'd appreciate it if you'd have a look at Veg Plotting on there and let me know if it works well or not for you. If it's not working well, then I'll switch it off until it comes out of Beta and report the problem if you give me some details.

If you want to enable the option for your blog, you'll need to do the following:
  • Sign onto Blogger if you haven't already
  • Go onto your Dashboard
  • Select Blogger in Draft
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the Email and Mobile tab
  • Enable the mobile template option (you can also preview what your blog will look like at this point if you want)
  • Hit Save
  • Et voila!

The above link takes you to the Blogger in Draft information if you want to know more. My preview showed extracts from my last 5 posts (with a link for the full post and the option to page back through the older posts) plus my Profile details extract (plus link) and links to my Pages. You can also add your Comments, though taking the Comment link takes you to the full web version of that page rather than a skinny mobile version. I'd be interested to hear if your experience differs.

Update: A couple of people have tried it so far and it looks fine, unless you have an older Blackberry (new one worked fine, 2yr old model displayed the full web version of the blog). I'd appreciate your feedback on non-Blackberry phones all versions, or your Blackberry phone if it's not shiny new or 2 years old.


  1. Techie.. but giving it a try! xx

  2. I tried - old Blackberry - displayed the old version; though I'm sure yours din't used to display at all

  3. Actually even worse - all the columns overlapping

  4. I'll be watching with interest to read what mobile users say about it - then decide whether to follow suit. Mark's comments don't look too hopeful!


  5. Emma - thanks for testing this out and I'm glad it's working well for you :)

    Mark - there does seem to be a problem with old Blackberrys (don't know about iPhones) and I've raised it with Blogger.

    Esther - it looks like it's fine for current internet enabled mobiles, but not so good for older generation mobiles. Might be worth switching it on anyway?

  6. Very cool VG. Thanks for the info. I know Kindle has a blog reader subscriber service for Kindle too.~~Dee

  7. I have enabled this. No feedback from the 4% of my readers on mobiles and Ipads and Ipods ;>)

  8. Hi Dee - Veg Plotting is available on Kindle! I don't know how people will pay for it though when they can get on here for free. And in colour ;)

    EE - yes it's a good service to offer your readers, whose numbers will almost certainly grow from that tiny 4% as tools like ipads become more popular.


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