Today in Chippenham

Overnight our garden's been transformed into a winter wonderland. The cats took one look out of the cat flap this morning and immediately returned to 'central heating duty'. It's still snowing, so our planned trip up north today to see my brother-in-law and family's been put on hold.

Luckily we're within walking distance of a supermarket so we can get emergency supplies and also the town's main sorting office so I can post my Christmas cards. Somehow I don't think the van will be able to get to the post box on our estate to pick things up from there.

Then later I expect a spot of neighbourly street clearing will ensue once the snow's stopped falling. Looks like we're in for an active day :)


  1. It looks beautiful. i imagine the first snowfall is exciting and bit of an adventure but by the end of winter you are well and truly over it! I like the shed, it looks like the Tardis...perhaps you could travel to warmer times if the weather gets too cold!

  2. Snowing and settling here! Apart from nipping out to feed the birds I'm strictly sofa flying the rest of the day(weekend...week...month!)Flighty xx

  3. Your garden looks like the perfect Christmas card scene...Have fun walking to town~Keep warm. The cat's were smart! gail

  4. We have had snow this morning too. Every thing is looking very sparkly and white. It must be upsetting many people's travel plans.

  5. Beautiful photo, good luck in the snow! I hope the supermarket isn't now empty because of people panic buying, be careful!
    The Marks and Sparks in Sheffield City Centre had no bread for days because of people going a little mental and thinking the world was ending...

  6. Hey VP - my garden looks just like yours today! Who needs to garden eh.

    A day for quince jam I think.

  7. Your garden looks georgeous in the snow. I love the snowy walks, neighborly snow clearing, warming up with tea after, and a good read the snowy days bring. Enjoy!

  8. Snowy garden here too - in fact pristine.... its beautiful as darkness falls...
    Stay warm!

  9. Same here, and -6 this morning. Brrrrrr

  10. I love the magical mantle snow cast over everything, your garden looks beautiful. Sad about the need to change plans, hope there are no food buying frenzies in Chippenham! At times like this I am grateful for being able to make my own bread, though I worry about running out of flour...

  11. Hazel - welcome and thanks for following :) My shed is definitely most TARDIS like ;)

    Flighty - sofaflying very soon here too!

    Gail - cats always are smart when it comes to staying warm aren't they?

    EG - hopefully we can make it up to Brum on Thursday and Poole on Friday...

    Liz - the supermarket was packed yesterday, but probably no more than usual in Christmas week

    Mark - definitely a quince jam on crumpets day. Yum.

    Joan - all cleared and then we had more snow yesterday!

    aurora raby - welcome! We've definitely snuggled up here - next stop is hibernation!

    Hermes - and more snow. Double brrrrr!

    Janet - I made my own bread yesterday too. Thank goodness for store cupboard staples :)


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