ABC of Chippenham: Locally Sourced

I was really pleased to see this sign outside the station cafe last week. I believe Chippenham to be slightly slower on the uptake re locally sourced produce and food miles than some of the other towns nearby.

There are a few notable exceptions: the farm shop close to where I live for one, plus the greengrocer in town sells produce from our local market gardeners in Bromham whenever possible. Sheldon School has had a March food festival as a pupil led fund raiser the past couple of years.

The Revolutions restaurant uses fresh, seasonal local produce, as does the recently opened Bridge Brasserie across the road. In fact they cheekily tweeted they'd take any spare garlic of mine when I said I had an excess of it recently ;)

Steamers shows just why station cafes should be independent. Thank goodness Chippenham station is too small to have received the attentions of the chains found elsewhere. I love the play on words with the cafe's name; the regularly changed art displays on the walls by local artists; and the fact that it doubles up as an internet cafe as well as serving the town's daily commuters. It also serves great coffee and bacon baps!

This is for ABC Wednesday and is the twelfth in my themed round of posts about Chippenham.


  1. eating locally is not not only better food, but better for the environment

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. If only new people would take over the on-train catering.


  3. i am also impressed with the clear printing & straight lines on the sign.

  4. I agree that Steamers is pretty good, as is the bridge, and if they are taking your garlic, well I'll just have to force myself go again.

  5. We love to use locally sourced food too - our veg plots in Neckelchester village are communally used by all of us and by our village restaurant, the Gleeful & Greedy. We love garlic! And sprouts.

  6. Lucy - if only!

    Petoskystone - good point - everything slides downwards when I try to do sign writing like that ;)

    Mark - I haven't tried The Bridge yet, must do so soon

    Ralph - Gleeful and Greedy, what a great name for a restaurant. I drive past one called Bellybusters on the way home from evenings out in Bristol!


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