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Friday, 1 April 2011

The Royal Flower-Monic Orchestra

I don't usually go with press releases, but I received one last week for the re-launch of a certain garden shopping channel which made me giggle and I feel is more suited for today. Here's the Royal Flower Philharmonic Orchestra playing Mozart's 40th Symphony to an audience of flowers, plants and bulbs ;)

If you don't mind looking at an advert (thankfully it's not too much in your face), then here's the full version in sight and sound. Or if you'd prefer just to hear the music without the explanation of what was going on, then you can do that here.

And there's a summary of the research re plants responding to music including the work by Dorothy Retallack referred to in the advert. Keep an open mind if you take the link as the article opens with talking to plants before going on to summarise some of the research on this subject. Is it the carbon dioxide in our breath or the frequency of our voice (or indeed both) which is having the beneficial effect when we talk to them? And how valid is the research re plants responding to music anyway?

Valid enough to make a quirky advert more suited to today's date that's for sure!


  1. I thought you had done this as an April Fool's to start with...

  2. Lu - it was tempting ;)

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