Oops, I Lied...

... when I announced to my blogging friends at Malvern I wouldn't be buying any plants owing to the hard ground I have in my garden. It seemed to make sense not to have to care for them until the time was right for planting, whenever that might be.

But I'd forgotten about my summer pots and how I'd planned for a double whiff of knock-your socks-off vanilla from those nestled by the patio door. So once I'd bought 2 Nemesia maritana 'Vanilla Lady' my buying duck was well and truly broken. This cultivar is reputed to be even better than the N. 'Wisley Vanilla' I grew last year.

After that it seemed churlish not to add Heuchera 'Blackout' for some dramatic architectural foliage in another pot, plus a more delicate trailing Tiarella 'Appalachian Trails' for this summer's hanging basket.

I then remembered I wanted to replace my Fuchsia 'Garden News' after its demise last winter. This is a hardy double form, but obviously not quite hardy enough. I do like the way I have it arching over one of my terrace walls, so I want to recreate the effect again. On the edible front, some Ransoms seem to have sneaked into my haul when I wasn't looking.

There might be something else, but it's a secret for now ;)


  1. Oh you fibber! But you do seem to have justified all your purchases. Don't know why, 'cause I certainly have no intention of even trying to explain mine. It was just, Oh that's nice, and out came my purse!
    Happy planting.

  2. Well you weren't really telling porkies VP ~ just being unrealistic ~ after all how could you go to the show and not buy any plants. Wish that I had read your post before the show if that makes sense. I had made a mental note to get some nemesia after reading about it on blogs last summer but forgot all about it. Funnily enough the only plant on my wish list that I came home with was Tiarella 'Appalachian Trails' which is destined for a container too.

  3. I got those nemesia too - after seeing yours when I came to visit last year - we had to double bag them for the journey home though as they were so strongly scented!

  4. Just had a thought you didnt buy a GRASS did you?

  5. Dobby - that's what usually happens. For some reason I had my sensible head on at Malvern :o

    Anna - oh do get some Nemesia, it's wonderful

    Karen - I can understand you doing that! And no, I didn't buy a grass, though I do now have a copy of Neil Lucas' book signed 'I hope you enjoy your conversion' ;)

  6. Well, there's honesty for you!
    Good for you to go for it.
    Those shows are such an opportunity to pick up something special they are really not to be resisted - life's too short!

  7. I'm interested that you like vanilla scent by your door when you don't like hyacsniffs inside.


  8. Robert - they were too good to resist and much cheaper than elsewhere :)

    Esther - fummy how some scents are fine and others aren't. The vanilla works methinks because it's outside and is a very warm smell. Hyacinths make me sneeze!


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