GBBD: Topsy Turvy Land

There's a surprising number of flowers in my topsy turvy January garden. The unseasonably warm weather we had until a few days ago brought many blooms to the fore well ahead of their time.

The snowdrops I showed you to welcome the New Year have gone over already, but have been replaced by many more. The first yellow crocuses are out and as you can see my pure white primrose has joined them.

I don't know its name because it came with the large batch of primrose 'Cottage Cream' I ordered a few years ago. Their colour is half way between the yellow of our native primrose and the one pictured.

Because I have so many of the others, this one is particularly treasured. It's also the only one which is vaguely flowering at the about the right time having only just opened its buds. The others have been flowering since last July.

You can see it's already sporting some fresh new growth and has been joined by plenty of other green shoots. The more seasonal cold of the past few days hasn't knocked them back yet as the house provides some shelter for these plants.

It seems the wild's been responding to the warm weather too. The National Museum of Wales has reported 63 species of wildflowers in bloom this month, about double usual number. I believe the current cold, frosty weather is set to continue for a while yet, so I wonder how many of our plants flowering out of their usual time will receive a setback?

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  1. The primrose is beautiful. I hope the early blooms don't suffer a setback, either. I'd love an early spring!

    1. Welcome to Veg Plotting :) I'm hoping for a bit more frost first as it's needed for good apple blossom and rhubarb!

  2. Happy GBBD. A very pretty January pop up.

  3. How interesting! Seems like everyone has had a warm winter (New York, California, now you). Well, except for Austria...

    Here's hoping for frost! In CA, many species of apple don't grow at all because of lack of chill hours, and I'm only hoping mine will be OK this year.

    Happy bloom day!

  4. I wish I still had flowers in bloom! I am in the south and it actually got a lot colder then normally. Can't wait for spring!

  5. My snowdrops are just starting now so I think I am a bit behind you. Still have all sorts of things in flower though. Love the primrose.

  6. just BTW, you can delete this, or rather, not publish it? Do you use IceRocket? You are flying high on their blog ranking!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone :)

    EE - thanks for that - I hadn't come across that before!


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