Apple Days: Going Local

A few of this year's windfalls - Court of Wick, Falstaff, Kidd's Orange Red,  Princesse,
Saturn, Scrumptious and Sunset
October 21st is now firmly established as Apple Day in the calendar thanks to the sterling efforts of Common Ground over many years. Until 2010 they published a great calendar of events which made it ultra easy to find a suitable one to attend.

Sadly the calendar is no longer kept up to date, though their Apple Day page is still worth a visit to find leads for possible events in 2012. There's also lots of information about apple lore and traditions, apple based games and a 'toolbox' of ideas to help you arrange your own event.

I've decided to go to a local Apple Day this year, so here's what I've found so far in case you'd like to go to one too.

What's on in Wiltshire 2012
  • Holt - Punkie Apple Day at The Courts - October 29th @ 12 - 4pm (included in admission price)
  • Lacock - Apple Day at Lacock Abbey- October 21st @ 10.30am - 5.30pm (included in admission price)
  • Marlborough - Big Apple Day - October 14th @ 9am - 3pm (free)
  • Swindon - Celebrating National Apple Day at Lydiard Park - October 21st @ 11am - 12pm and 2 - 3pm (£6 to include admission to the walled garden and booking is essential)
  • Trowbridge - Apple Day - October 13th @ 10am - 4pm (free)

Finding your local events

I googled Wiltshire Apple Days 2012 and found the following general websites which you may find useful:
  • Orchard Network events listing - the longest list of 2012 events I've found so far. They also have a contact form for updating the events listings. NB this site was set up to help deliver the Habitat Action Plan for traditional orchards and is backed by a number of key organisations. It's probably more likely to be kept up to date and to have more content added.
  • Orange Pippin events - another site which invites updates. Orange Pippin is also a good general resource for all things apple.
Many National Trust properties with gardens also have an orchard and are keen supporters of Apple Day, so the events and individual property pages on their website are also worth a look. The same also applies to the RHS as part of their Taste of Autumn events. Update: Juliet's reminded me Garden Organic's Apple Day is on the 13th October this year.

Also look out for Apple Day events at your local garden centre, growers' nurseries, orchards and farm shops.

If you know of any other apple events this month (in Wiltshire or elsewhere), please leave details in the Comments below and I'll add them to this post.


  1. The Saturns look especially good!

  2. Petoskystone - the Saturns are a particular favourite with us too because they're crisp and really juicy :)

  3. Wisley is having a whole Taste of Autumn festival! Judging from the picture on the website, George Clooney is going to be there - as well as Cleve West.

  4. Victoria - that is a really good look alike isn't it? Could you imagine what it'd be like if George Clooney really was going - the usual queues to get into Wisley's car park would be 10x longer!

  5. Ryton Organic Gardens have an apple day every year - it's on the 13th October this year.

  6. Thanks for the reminder Juliet - GO have always had a great Apple Day :)

  7. What a fabulous photo! Sadly, there does not appear to be any Apple Action here on Anglesey.

  8. Hi Janet - that's a real shame, especially as you're very close to Bardsey Island - home to an apple variety with such a great story to tell.

  9. I know! There is a great fruit nursery just over the bridge on the mainland which sells the Bardsey apple, and I really want to grow one. I just have to work out where and how...


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