GBBD: The Gentle Art of Laissez-Faire

Our shady side garden currently isn't looking quite as shady as usual owing to the combination of Rosa 'Rambling Rector' and Philadelphus 'Virginal'.  They've merged together into a wall of seamless white, where from a distance it's hard to tell them apart.

I wish I could claim some merit for this combination. Well, I suppose I did plant them where I did, but they've been left to do their own thing, the Rambling Rector in particular. I'm finding it quite hard to keep him in check lower down in the garden as he's threaded himself behind the other shrubs. These are now acting as supports for the cascades of white flowers almost reaching the ground.

This year my plants are also merging with the shrubs and trees on the public land as they reach out to join them. The frothy flowers of the elderflower are late this year and form an echo of creamy white beneath the ash tree.

If only my laissez-faire attitude was working elsewhere in the garden!

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  1. It is great to have plants that take care of themselves, not requiring a lot from us!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Looks good, and I do like white flowers. Flighty xx

  3. Wonderful when plants drape themselves without our help, yours look so pretty where they are.

  4. Philadelphus plays well with others. I have one that mingled with a Cornus florida, so we have Dogwood blooms in spring followed by what Mama called 'English Dogwood' for an extended show.

  5. Plants can have a mind of their own. How nice when it works out so well from the gardener's point of view. This year some of my plants are very tall, climbing into low tree branches. I don't know why. All the June rain?

  6. Looking lovely, VP! I've taken a laissez-faire attitude toward the weeds in my garden this year:)

  7. I should take a leaf out of your book and let some things just get on with it instead of my usual controlling way!
    Those whites certainly do brighten up a shady area.

  8. Oh how I wish I could get away with laissez-faire gardening, but perhaps it's the work that is half the charm of gardens...

    1. Welcome! Rest assured the rest of the garden is being worked on ;)

  9. Hi everyone - so glad you like the pic! If only the rest of the garden looked after itself so well. Owing to the heat, laissez-faire gardening will continue for a while ;)

    Commonweeder - it's a good year for the roses over here, I think it's due to all the rain we had last summer...

  10. You're laissezing it, and it's definitely faireing. So great work, you! White on white makes a lovely combination.

  11. Looks lovely! I've wanted to try Philadelphus for a while. Your display may prompt me to get moving on that task...

  12. I planted a Philadelphus last year. Just a small plant and I'm waiting for it to begin to grow. I don't remember the variety, but they are called 'Mock Orange" around here, I think because of the fragrance. I haven't had flowers yet so I can't say. But I can only hope that my plant someday grows to be as beautiful as yours!

  13. You should take all the credit...and I love a laid-back approach to gardening!

  14. See my flowers growing up in my own garden,makes me smile every day! Great post! :)

  15. Welcome dorothy and Flora Queen :) Thanks for your comments everyone - note that I don't need any encouragement to be a laid-back gardener ;)

  16. Lovely combination of bright white!


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