Postcard From Ceredigion

We've just come back from an idyllic week in sunny South Wales, where the pictured bay is the typical coastal scene. This is Mwnt, where we spent a happy hour watching dolphins just off the rocks to the right of this picture. The lady in the cafe at the top of the 139 steps down to the beach told us the knack for good dolphin spotting. 'Look for where the gannets are diving' she told us, 'that's where the fish are and you can guarantee they won't be far behind.' She was right. Sometimes the gannets flew further out into the bay, and sure enough, that's where the dolphins went too.


  1. What a postcard perfect image...

  2. That sounds and looks wonderful, especially with the added bonus of dolphins. Flighty xx

  3. gorgeous scene, sound like a fabulous week away

  4. Sounds and looks blissful VP. You must have come back feeling refreshed. Do I detect some font changes going on? :)

  5. Fantastic, there is nothing quite like watching dolphins feeding, a moment that will stay with you forever!

  6. What a wonderful place to visit - that beach looks gorgeous. Looks like you had the good weather with you too!

  7. Looks stunning. I'd love to be at the beach right now rather than the overly warm office.

  8. Wonderful place is Mwnt. Often peregrines hunting by the hill behind the old church - first place I saw dolphins in Wales was from here.

  9. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments. We had a wonderful time exploring this relatively forgotten corner of Wales. I thoroughly recommend you visit :)


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