Postcard from London: Purple Pansies

Just like in real-life, my blogging postcard arrives after Monday's more weighty tale about London's Surprises ;)

I've been getting to know the South Bank area of London quite well over the past couple of years and I really enjoy going there. However, last week was the first time I'd ventured to the back of the South Bank Centre. It's worth keeping an eye on from an Out on the Streets perspective - I think these bold planters sit well with the concrete and brutalist architecture of their surroundings.

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  1. These kinds of plantings are fine as long as they are maintained and terrible if not. In Dorset public gardeners sometimes think it's a good idea to plant in an old rowing boat or make an old rowing boat the centre of a display. (It isn't.)

    1. Quite right Esther - there is nothing worse than a bare or weedy large concrete planter :(

      I suspect these will be well attended in view of their key location.

      As for rowing boats at the seaside - they're not just in Dorset. I have at least one from Somerset...

  2. Well, I like it and I'm sure there is a lot of people who go to work in the morning and they smile. I would!

  3. It seems displays like these are well maintained here in London, even in the borough of Newham where I live, they are good at taking care of baskets and boxes of bedding plants. It looks good and lights up around bricks and concrete :-)


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