Tree Following With Lucy: July

Just a quick post for now as I haven't had time to do the project I'd planned for my tree following this month.

I was going to lay a white sheet on the ground and shake the branches that stretch over our garden to identify some of the smaller critters which inhabit my tree, but I ran out of time :(

Those branches are a constant source of irritation to NAH, who doesn't like them bending further over the garden under the weight of their now fully grown leaves.

He's convinced they'll crash through our fence and onto the garden one day, just like what happened last December.

I then remind him that those branches help to keep our privacy. It's a circular conversation we have at least once a month.

NAH also says he needs to be renamed as 'The Drastic Gardener' for the purposes of this blog as he tends to act on his irritations without consulting me just before he gets started. So we have another circular argument on how his help is welcome, but could he please talk to me first, so we both agree on what needs to be done.

You might just be able to make out a tree limb sticking upwards at about 45 degrees in the bottom third of the photo? That's evidence of The Drastic Gardener in action. In a fit of pique one afternoon NAH decided to saw off some of the lower limbs of the tree.

When I told him he shouldn't leave the remains sticking out like that - they should be sawn off flush with the tree trunk - he said he would have fallen off the tree if he'd done that. Words failed me at that point.

Whilst taking this photo I realised my tree is growing at an angle. I wonder if it'll straighten itself up over time...

Have a look at Lucy's blog over at Loose and Leafy to see what my fellow tree followers have been up to this month.


  1. Interesting as I often wonder way lives in our magnolia which is also die some surgery

  2. My husband doesn't garden at all, but he has been known to do some drastic pruning, as well.This spring I followed him around to make sure the limbs were cut flush and he didn't get carried away as he usually does:)

    Did I read correctly that you'll be attending the Portland Fling? Looking forward to meeting you, VP!

    1. Looking forward to meeting you very soon Rose :-)

  3. Oh dear, you'll have to rein him in a bit! No more lopping things off without written permission. Maybe you could interest him in carpentry to keep him out of trouble...

    1. It's great he wants to help - I think the key is to find him something to do before he goes ahead under his own steam

  4. Ah, those circular arguments! Just when you think you've laid something to rest, it raises its head again. l very frustrating!

  5. I am not a great pruner either and trees that lean worry me a little. Pruning off the odd lower branch will probably mean that the tree gets to stay for longer.

    1. We'll see - I'l report back in my tree following posts. The problem is that the lopped branches probsbly helped to support the tree...

  6. My ungardener knows he better ask or he might lose something :) I await your experiment...should be interesting to see what lives in your tree...

  7. I can sympathise with the problem - I have the same sinking feeling when the children who live here suddenly appear en masse and ask if they can help. Because it's impromptu, I have to stop what I'm doing to think about jobs I can give them to do - usually watering at this time of year, usually leading to arguments as I have only 3 watering cans, usually also leading to concern about one of them falling head first into the water butt … and usually curtailing any thoughts I had of getting some proper gardening done! Help is all very well but planning is key!


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