The PR Files: Valentine's Special

Some stones found on a beach with one having a heart design inked on it
It seems I really do have a heart of stone - found on holiday in Ireland in 2013.  

It's a special time of year not only for lovers, but for marketeers as well; who can forget last year's storm over the Ultimate Love Bouquet?

This year's creativity reached new heights, with the following efforts deserving a special mention by The PR Files. 

NB names and website links have been removed to protect the innocent.


I admit our postage stamp sized front lawn needs some tlc, but I don't think the Robomow will be  much help

Don’t be ‘lovelawn’ this Valentine’s Day… let Robomow match you with the perfect gift! 

This Valentine’s Day give your loved one the gift of never having to mow the lawn again with Robomow, the world’s leading automatic lawnmower.

If you’re struggling for a gift idea then help is at hand from Robomow’s range of robotic lawnmowers. A premium gift for all those who find mowing a chore or those who just want to put their feet up.  Think of all the time saved by not having to mow the lawn ever again.

Robomow mows the lawn at regular, adjustable intervals with no human input required. The machines are able to tackle lawns from under 200m2 to 3,200m2 with ease, dealing with almost any terrain, slope, angle and even debris such as twigs and leaves littering the lawn.

Its exceptional performance combined with low running costs and easy maintenance has made the robotic lawnmower market one of the fastest growing categories of garden products in Europe.

There is a new model out this year, the RC312. It is a compact but heavy duty machine capable of tackling the larger British lawns, covering 1,200m2. It comes with all the features as standard for the range, including base station with off lawn docking (available on the RC models), anti-theft security, powerful mulching system, unique edging mode and a rain sensor. It also comes with an improved 3 year warranty that is now available on all models.

A spokesperson said “Is your partner an avid gardener or likes a perfect lawn? If so then a Robomow is an ideal gift this Valentine’s Day. The UK has embraced the Robomow range and these machines really are the future of lawn care. Don’t be a slave to the lawn this spring.

 “Robomow models boast a powerful mulching system built in, which means there is no grass box to empty and makes it very environmentally friendly.  Also, with the Robomow app you can check battery life, see when it is next due to mow, send it to mow and even drive it via remote control.”

The Robomow is available from selected dealers nationwide. RRP starts from £1,199.00 for the RC304, to £2,499.00 for the RS630.

My verdict: A puntastic start to this piece, but it appears that the course of true love not only runs deep, it requires deep pockets as well.


A lovely roaring fire - we don't have one, so this is courtesy of wikimedia

How To Fan The Flames Of Love
Valentine Love Log Predicts Your Relationship Future

Champagne, chocolates and flowers may be traditional Valentine's fare, but why not give something a little different this February 14?

The Valentine's Love Log is a gift that any couple will love to share. Not only will it warm the cockles of each other's heart, but it will also reveal what the future holds for them.

The log can be burnt in a traditional fireplace or wood-burner, or outside on a camp fire. The couple should first ensure they have a roaring fire going. They then recite love poetry to each other, either choosing their own or reading verses provided on the ceremonial scroll that comes with the log.

Picture of log gift setOnce the log has been burning for seven minutes, the couple then decide which six questions, from the list on the scroll, they wish to know the answers to. As each question is asked, they take it in turns to toss one of the special pine cones into the fire. The colour of the flames, as well as their size and the way they flicker, reveals the answer to their question.

Like many rituals involving fire, the couple are meant to keep whatever remains of the log safely for 12 months to use to light a fire the following Valentine's.

The questions which can be asked range from whether the couple will get married, whether they'll stay together for ever, how many children they're likely to have, what will their biggest row be about and where will they end up living.

The Love Log comes bound in ribbon complete with hand-made firelighters, six pine cones, kindling and a ceremonial scroll and a bag in which to keep the remaining ember for the following year. It costs just £25 incl. p&p and will be on sale from mid January.

My verdict: Madame Zelda - my esteemed You Ask, We Answer correspondent - is working out how she can offer this ritual as part of her services as it has the potential to keep her in sherry for a very long time. A little light googling on her behalf reveals she can get a tonne of logs delivered from a local supplier for £137.


NAH and I don't do that much for Valentine's Day. Our 'ritual' extends to buying each other a card and pretending we haven't sent it. You see, we've discovered maintaining a sense of mystery is one of the keys to a good relationship. And lots of giggles.

I hope you find today's PR Files a wee bit gigglesome too.


  1. My husband would love the Robomow as long as someone else paid for it. My dogs would love barking at it. :o)

    1. I'm giggling at the thought of your dogs barking at the robomow :)

  2. For a good chunk of my teenage years, my dad was working on an automatic lawnmower. He really wanted a silent lawnmower - to give to each of the neighbours - and reasoned that to be quiet, it would have to be slow, and if it was slow, you wouldn't want to walk behind it. If only he'd persevered!

  3. A love log!?! Oh good grief.


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