In the Night Garden at West Green House

A collage of the night garden at West Green House - some of the magical lighting installed so opera goers can picnic and take a stroll around the gardens

There's an opera season every summer at West Green House and it was a lovely surprise to have an invitation to see Ariadne auf Naxos on Sunday. To celebrate the season, the grounds are transformed into a magical night garden.

I thought you'd enjoy some of the views from my post performance walk, especially the fleeting appearance of the moon above the moon gate. One minute later it had disappeared beneath those clouds.


  1. Wow, the garden comes to life anew. I visited for the first time a few weeks ago and loved the gardens by day. The moon above the moongate is particularly stunning

    1. Thanks Sara :) I saw your blog about your visit, but was too late to leave a comment. It's a magical garden... both by night and day.

  2. It's looks rather enchanting and and magical. Flighty xx

    1. Definitely magical, Flighty. If I didn't have the photographs to prove I was there, I could ieasily magine it was all a dream

  3. Looks lovely. Some lighting really creates a bit of atmosphere in the garden.

  4. It's certainly given me some food for though for thought for our garden Kelli. I deliberately chose not to have any lighting in the garden, but it looks so magical and I do enjoy being out in the garden at dusk...


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