Postcard from Chelsea Flower Show

Paul Hervey-Brookes show garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2019

I had a delightful day at Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. My head is still processing which stories to tell you, but in the meantime here's Paul Hervey-Brookes' exquisite 'The Art of Viking Garden' to enjoy from the Space to Grow category.

One of the questions most asked about Chelsea is 'what is this year's colour?' As usual purples and greens are in abundance as befits the time of year, but the colour for me this time is yellow. Paul used deft touches in his design to add highlights and ensure they stuck in my mind.

I had a lovely surprise whilst I admired this effect. Paul turned round to me and said 'Michelle, just go and have a good look around' and I was delighted to skip onto his garden. Whilst we've known each other for a while, I had no idea he'd remembered my name.

Update: the awards are out and the garden has deservedly won gold. Many, many congratulations Paul.


  1. I loved this garden, it was so immersive once you'd stepped off the street and into the garden; I was invited into the garden as Paul talked me through the plants he'd used.

  2. Thanks for the postcard VP. Hoping to make it to Chelsea next year. Looking forward to your stories from the show.


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