Return to Malvern

'Zephyr' by Simon Gudgeon makes a striking focal point on Peter Dowles' award winning show garden

It's a while since I attended the Malvern Spring Festival and it was a happy return there last week. I might have been there on the only rainy day, but there was still plenty to smile about. Most of my show gardens photos have turned out on the dull side because of the gloom, but nothing could stop Peter Dowle's award winning efforts from looking good on the day.

The striking sculpture is called 'Zephyr' and is by Simon Gudgeon. When I looked him up, it transpires he owns Sculpture by the Lakes in Dorset, a garden which is now on my must-see list.

Here are a few more of my outdoor highlights...

Some of the outdoors highlights from this year's Malvern Spring Festival

The rusted metal are my chosen items from Tom Critchley this time and are shown 'planted' in my garden.

Meanwhile indoors...

From the various tents at Malvern Spring Festival

It struck me there was a lot more thought put into the displays at this year's show. I particularly liked the x-ray and microscope images.

The number of areas and themes for talks has also increased and I particularly enjoyed Tamsin Westhorpe's talk on stress-free gardening. More on that topic anon.


  1. A fabulous photo of 'Zephyr'. We certainly enjoyed the day. I wish that I had attended that particular talk 😂

    1. Shame we didn't bump into each other Anna!


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