Postcard from Yorkshire

Henry Moore sculpture and sheep at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

We've spent the past few weeks taking advantage of the current small gathering allowance to catch up at last with friends and family after many months; well over a year in some cases. It means I've been out and about instead of writing bloggage, but I'm happy to say I've still managed to fit in a few garden visits along the way.

The highlight from this time was a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and thanks to a trip to my BIL's I've fulfilled my wish to do so at long last. We managed an afternoon visit in welcome sunshine between showers and it soon became clear it's possible to spend days there. 

The wide open spaces of the original landscape means huge sculptures can be accommodated without overwhelming their surroundings. All kinds of artists and tastes can be found there, which prompted many a discussion along the lines of 'but is it art?'

It was a thought provoking visit alongside a decent walk and plenty of art we liked as well as what we thought was more ho hum. I need to go back as I completely missed Andy Goldsworthy's land art. However, as you can see, the Henry Moore sculptures - of which there are plenty - were completely unmissable 😊

Which gardens do you hope to visit this year?


  1. I used to work at Woolley which is very close to the Sculpture Park, in fact we once had a team meeting there.

    1. I love the idea of team meetings there Sue!

    2. I hadn't realised how close my BIL and family are to there. I shall request more visits in future :)

  2. Glad to hear you're able to catch up now! Have a lovely time :)

  3. The sheep are singularly not impressed.
    How wonderful to be able to see beloved people again!

    1. I have quite a few photos of unimpressed sheep! And yes, it was wonderful to see them :)


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