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Friday, 8 February 2008

How Advertising Works in Bath

I grabbed this shot whilst on my way to meet up with SUP to see the Blue & White exhibition in Bath today. Both the wording and the guy on top of the waste bin amused me greatly. He was reading a book at the same time, so he was completely oblivious to the product!

The exhibition was fabulous and inspirational. It was like greeting old friends as a number of the exhibits were the originals of pieces seen in my craft books. I hope to return in a couple of weeks time as Kaffe Fassett is doing a book signing.


  1. I think I'd like to go and be a bit of a KF groupie too.

  2. Now that is definitely a unique advertising method!lq

  3. Threadspider - I'll definitely be there. Might be having a shopping trip with my friend Hilary too :)

    Kate - I think it's a new phenomenon in Bath. They're all up the main shopping street trying to get people off the main drag! I took several pictures, but this first one was the best in terms of content!

  4. Kaffe Fassett - what fun - I love how he uses color

  5. This is really a great shot - I love it

  6. Hi Karen - yes KF's very inspirational isn't he?

    Max-e - thanks for the compliment!

  7. That's a really amusing photo. Well, advertising sucks, anyhow!

  8. Hi Dragonstar - it's very silly isn't it? I can't understand how it works really...


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