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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Load of Washing...

...dried outside.


In 4 hours.

In February.


  1. If I'd had known that you were doing the washing...on the other hand perhaps not!
    How about ironing?

  2. Shhhhhhhh we'll all curse the rest of the year if we keep on about warm February... ;)

  3. Would it be okay if I sent my laundry to you until it warmed up here?

    That made me totally envious ... I was jumping up and down because I saw puddles today... water for the first time since when, um, I think November. Or was it October? Anyway, it's been a long time! I

  4. Flighty - you should see my other wash basket and you'd realise I don't 'do' ironing that well!

    Paul & Melanie - oops, sorry. Right you are then!

    Kate - you're welcome to send it, but it might just stay there in a heap in the corner. Puddles - hey that's quite a step forward isn't it? :)

  5. Oh what a difference it makes when the washing can be dried outside in the winter!

  6. Marvellous, it is a shame you live so far away, I would invite you round to do mine! x

  7. It's lovely isn't it Starnitesky - I particularly love that fresh smell!

    Louise - I'm not a Domestic Goddess I'm afraid :(


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