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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Recording Artiste

I'm very excited as the CD from our Christmas concert is now available. It sounds very different to the experience you get when actually singing and I was pleasantly surprised. NAH's brother and family were too - particularly as they hadn't realised that we sing acapella style (unaccompanied harmonies). NAH was also impressed with the standard of the recording.
Our next big event is the music festival at Stourhead in May. Apparently we'll be singing on the Palladian Bridge and in the Panthenon - 2 of the best spots in the magnificent landscape gardens.


  1. Cooool! So, where the online sample? ;)

  2. That's a coincidence - I just read about Stourhead on a blog. It will be wonderful when you are singing there.

    Congratulations! It is exciting to participate in your own CD. Good going!

    I love the name 'Wiltshire Wailers'.

  3. How neat to have a CD made from your own concerts! Do you sell it at your concerts? It might take off on the charts. :D

  4. Erm Paul & Melanie - that request defeats my limited techie skills ;0

    Kate - what a coincidence. Stourhead's a great place and I'm very lucky to be living so close, never mind about singing there. I like the name too - our choirmaster has quite a sense of humour ;)

    avcr8teur - good idea! It was our first concert as the choir only formed last September. Perhaps next time eh? ;)


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