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Friday, 29 February 2008

Leaping Around

NAH and I have our own leap year tradition. I ask him, Will you marry me? and he replies No, I already have done! Today was no exception and we laughed as usual. No, we're not repeating the original marriage proposal, NAH got that in the year before I could do it for real. I'm not sure if the tradition of the female proposing on February 29th is just a peculiarity of Britain - perhaps you can enlighten me? What I do know is that it harks bark hundreds of years to when the law was considered to be in abeyance or 'leapt over'. Also, people born on this day are rather quaintly known as 'Leaplings'.

So what have you done with your extra day today? Jess over at Bath Crafting Cranny alerted me to the World Knitting and Craft day, so whilst I'm not a member of Stitchlinks per se, I have supported the idea by pootling around looking at quilt fabrics and adding quite a few inches to a furry scarf I'm knitting. My main activities today however, have been in support of the National Trust's Great Green Leap Day. I've calculated my green footprint (relatively huge, but the resultant action plan includes loads of things we've done already), planted 4 trees (see my earlier post) and restarted my carton recycling for Wiltshire campaign - hence the choice of picture at the start of this piece. Looking at Tetrapak's informative website, Wiltshire is the only entire county that doesn't have any carton recycling facilities. In shock I've written to both my District (NWDC) and County (WCC) councils to ask why. I've yet to hear from NWDC (they seem to have a policy of not answering emails in my experience), but I've had a positive response from WCC. So today I've forwarded the WCC response to Tetrapak...


  1. Cute!
    Does he take a flying leap for joy? :-)

  2. Nessa - so do I!

    Gemma - of course he does!


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