Garden Visit: Hanham Court

It's ages since I put a slideshow together and sorting through the dozens of pictures I took on my recent visit to Hanham Court, I feel this is the best medium to convey a sense of the place. Lavish planting requires a lavish presentation! Hover over the image if you'd like to look at anything for a bit longer - I suspect you'll want to with this wonderful garden. My SUP friend S arranged a trip there a couple of weekends ago, having first visited in May and raved about how lovely it was. She's not wrong.

This is the first year the garden's opened extensively to the public, though it has been open under the National Gardens Scheme in previous years. Architecturally, there's something from almost every century since the Norman conquest and at one time the house was part of Keynsham Abbey. This influence can be seen in a number of the found objects used in the garden.

In 1993, the celebrated garden designers Julian and Isabel Bannerman decided to make Hanham Court their home. Since then they've undertaken a number of notable commissions, including Prince Charles' stumpery at Highgrove, Arundel Castle and the British 9/11 memorial in New York. All this and an extensive restoration of their house and garden into what you can see today. I can't vouch for the house - though you can stay there - but the gardens do reflect their noted voluptuous, romantic style.

Happily, the tea, coffee and cakes served in the Loggia are also generously portioned, just like the garden. There's still time to visit this year: Hanham Court is open weekly at 11.00 am to 4.30 pm on Friday through Monday until Monday 31st August inclusive.

Update - Sept 2011: The Bannermans have now sold Hanham Court. Whether it will continue to be open to the public remains to be seen.


  1. Thanks for sharing - another to go on the to visit list. I did notice alot of features that reminded me of Highgrove so they are very influential with HRH

  2. Thanks VP -it looks rather romantic and dreamy.Will pass the details on to a friend who lives near Bath. Would that we were nearer:)

  3. What a lovely garden and beautifully presented.
    I had a chuckle at Miss Wilmot's ghost.

  4. Lovely garden! You folks put the Americans to shame! Happy planting!

  5. how beautiful is that - thanks VP, another one for my list. The Bannermans were at Vista a month or so ago I believe - I missed that one but apparently it was a lively discussion. Now I wish I'd cancelled the other thing I had to do and gone after all...

  6. well I never, didn't even know that place existed and it's only down the road! will definitely pay a visit, many thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

  7. If I lived in England, I'd be visiting properties like this all the time, sigh. Love the hand-written signs and the sea holly.

  8. PG - it's well worth going. Perhaps I can tempt you down here as well as you tempting me up there :)

    Anna - I hope your friend likes it there.

    Joanne - Miss Wilmott is supposed to have actually visited this garden.

    Marilyn - it's fantastic isn't it? Perhaps next time we can take you and Jim there...

    CG - I just knew this one would be right up your street. And just like your recent visit and post, it's good to see the gardens the designers do for themselves.

    Pouch - welcome and thanks for following :) It's really good to have another local reader who can actually do something with the info I put on here.

    Monica - sea hollies' one of my faves too.

  9. I quite fancy a stumpery - small scale - perhaps 1 stump. An ideal place for ferns I would think!
    The garden looks lovely and I've added it to my very long list.

  10. Thanks for the slideshow - this is a wonderful garden. I love the fuzzy Yew topiary.

  11. EG - If you do visit we must meet up! I'm contemplating a stumpery for when my 2 conifers finally go.

    MMD - secretly so do I, even though I said it needed clipping!


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