YAWA: Your Events Diary for July

It's been a bit topsy turvy since our return from holiday: things are flowering when they shouldn't and we're eating autumn raspberries already. I'm also going through a period of loathing my garden at the moment - apart from the Clematis of course. Threadspider asked me recently what was looking good apart from them and I struggled to find an answer. Perhaps my restlessness is because the garden's on the wane from its late spring/early summer look and the later season plants haven't really started to strut their stuff yet.

On the other hand, I'm totally in love with my allotment after hating it for most of the year. Various injuries have meant I've been in catch up mode since last Autumn and I've finally accepted it'll stay that way for the rest of the year. At last I'm feeling relaxed about it and really enjoying my visits. Harvesting lots of produce has also helped to change how I feel!

The hot weather recently has found me outdoors whenever I can be, except in the heat of the middle of the day. If I'm not in the garden or up the allotment, trips out have been most welcome. So with that in mind, let's have a look at what's in the pipeline for July shall we?

6th for 100 days: One and Other - a living sculpture by Anthony Gormley will see 2,400 people occupy the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square for an hour each. The link tells you about some of the more eccentric hours taking place. Today's also National Kissing Day and NAH's away :(

7th - 12th: RHS Hampton Court Show. The more relaxed, family orientated version of Chelsea Flower Show in a stunning setting.

8th: If you write your date the American way, then you might like to mark the time 12:34:56 on 7/8/9 in some way e.g. by taking a photograph of where you are. We'll have to wait until the 7th August for our turn...

17th: Talk like a Brummie day. As a native speaker, I'm happy to give you a lesson if needed, just to make sure you're totally authentic ;)

18-19th: Wem Sweet Pea Show. Thanks to the hybridisation work carried out by Henry Eckford over 100 years ago, this small Shropshire town is the home of the modern sweet pea.

22nd - 26th: RHS Tatton Park Show - the most northerly of the RHS Shows.

27th - 2nd August: National Parks Week. What better excuse is there to visit one of our fantastic National Parks and get some really fresh air? Well, it's also the 60th anniversary of the opening of the first one in the Peak District, so there's something to celebrate too.

I suspect the YAWA team have left loads of events out as they've been out enjoying the summer weather too, so why not let me know of any more by leaving a comment below?


  1. My sweet peas have failed this year. I planted them in a new spot, but alas. I love the idea of a whole town full of sweet peas.

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  3. Are you going to Tatton? I like to, but won't make it this year. (I did GW Live instead.)

  4. I love your candid reflections on the garden in July. Enjoy your clems :-) Mine are still ambivalent about life in Southern California.

  5. Thanks for your lovely envelope. Only had a quick look as I was elected a town councillor yesterday and off on a course today. Will reply properly, but much appreciated.

  6. Yes it is good to harvest crops when the flowers waine a little in July. That's the beauty of gardening as one thing fades another interest takes it's place.
    Sorry to hear you have hd physical injuries that have interferred with gardening hope you are well soon.

  7. Frances said...
    So glad to hear you have adjusted to whatever hand you have been dealt. What else is one to do, anyway? Fresh produce from your allotment sounds delightful. We are almost into tomatoes coming out our ears time, green but not yet red, but loads of them. Thanks for the reminder about 7/8/9 too. Would you recommend the Hampton court show over Chelsea for those of us who might only get one shot at a trip to the UK? Fewer crowds is considered a huge plus.


  8. Hi VP, I don't know what happened with that silly comment of mine, but have recommented so you can delete it and this one too. Sometimes I add something after signing my name and it shows twice, but that long space has me baffled. So sorry.

  9. Commonweeder - I totally forgot to sow them this year, how did that happen? I usually have some growing up at the allotment over an archway.

    Lisa - Did you enjoy GW LIve? I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't be going to Tatton, but am contemplating Malvern instead

    Nikkipolani - I certainly am enjoying my clems! They like a cool root run and their heads in the sunshine which might be why they're unsure about their Californian home?

    Hermes - you're most welcome and congratulations on getting elected :)

    Joanne - Lots better thanks, but still ahving to take it a bit easy. I've just decided that getting frustrated and anxious about not doing all my allotment jobs is just making things worse. The manana approach works much better as does taking up the tools to do just one job rather than taking up everything and then trying to do them all!

    Frances - thank you and I've deleted your first comment attempt as requested. As for Hampton Court vs. Chelsea, I can't really say because I've only been to Chelsea, I've yet to go to Hampton Court. The thing to bear in mind with Chelsea is that Spring Fling's probably not long after that, so you probably wouldn't want to do both. Most people I've spoken to who've been to both say Hampton Court's more relaxed and you can buy planrts there. Not that you're going to be that worried about plant buying if you're going back to the States afterwards! Does this mean you might be coming over to Britain? If so, we must meet up :D

  10. I'll be joining in with talk like a brummie day, it's the only comedy accent I do apart from Liverpudlian, which has always been based on watching the Beatle's appearing in person at the end of Yellow Submarine. Actually I've just remembered I also do a comedy Cornish, Welsh and Scottish accent to amuse my children in the car when we visit those places on holiday.

  11. Thanks VP, I appreciate your input. We had planned a trip last year to the UK in May to see Chelsea that was cancelled due to my husbands work schedule. We have friends in London that we would stay with. We both still are keen to come there, one of these years. It does sound like Chelsea is the better show and time for me, since I can't buy plants. Boo hoo about that sad state of affairs, the plant buying that is.

  12. Arlrrroight Martyn, oi'll give it foive!

    PS At one time Yellow Submarine was purported to be The Queen's favourite film. I'm a bit sceptical on how true that actually is though.

    Frances - you're very welcome and I do hope you make it over here sooooon :D

  13. Hi again. I quite liked GW Live but it was *not a patch* on Tatton or Southport, which I like too. Hard to know whether it was low-key this year for monetary reasons (the show gardens were quite poor, I thought) or whetehr it is just a different sort of show.

  14. It is too hot and humid to be outside for very long at my house. I seem to enjoy the garden best in the spring and autumn. The butterflies like the summer best so I keep going out to snap their photographs! HAve a very happy July....looks asif there is plenty to keep you busy and entertained.

  15. Been to Hampton Court today. What a great day! Naff weather but no-one cared.
    HC v Chelsea.HC is definitely more relaxed, but then I was there as a punter. HC, more space, but still tricky to see some of the show gardens, unless you happen to be there when there is a downpour. In that case it is tricky to extricate your camera from your waterproofs ... but that is the case wherever you go in this country of unpredictable weather.

    I had a great day, and I'm sure will go to HC again but Chelsea is still the No 1 for me. (Not been to Malvern though).

    Highlight of the day - a big bear hug from J A-S. Gave me great street cred with my son and daughter in law, but especially with Tracy, the designer of the Jane Seymour garden. (Thanks James, I know you read this)

    WV is squiemo which sounds such fun. x

  16. Lisa - I think GW Live is quite a different show to say Malvern or Chelsea. It has a touch of the Ideal Home Exhibition about it, especially in the indoor hall. It's a bit like they haven't quite decided what the focus of the show should actually be.

    Sherry - there's loads to do as usual. I'll look out for your buterflies on your blog.

    Maggi - that WV does sound fun as does your day at Hampton Court. Glad to see JAS was being as generous as ever with his hugs!


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