Things in Unusual Places #3: Pink Umbrellas

Every time we drove through East Rudham village we couldn't miss the bright pink umbrellas outside Brownies tearooms and kitchen/garden shop. They looked like they'd be more at home at a beachside bar in Mallorca* than in a tiny sleepy village in Norfolk. However, we did look out for them every time we passed by!

*= I'm not being snobby about it, just truthful as it's exactly the kind of thing I see when I go out there on my research trips, particularly at my friend's bar in Muro ;)


  1. The gimmick works though?

    I think maybe we should collaborate on a research project? What you reckon?


  2. I think we must be following each other around VP -I was rather taken by them too when I spotted them last month. Perhaps we are both just attracted to very pink things!?

  3. the color certainly attracts the eye! some years back, when i would give directions to the place i worked, all i had to say was 'turn down the road where the pink house is at the corner'. that house was as pink as those umbrellas so everyone knew it.

  4. Ties into the pink chalkboard sign....refreshing and fun

  5. Well they clearly caught your eye was the tea nice too or were they not that eye catching enough?

  6. it makes for an interesting photo and I would feel inclined to stop in for some tea!

  7. There was a large pink pub at a junction near our place which was a bit of a landmark. (Had to be careful with directions as it was called The Organ). It was then painted grey, and I think business must have dropped off as within about a year it was repainted and is now a tasteful lemon. Someone somewhere must be an expert in use of colour for marketing...

  8. Ryan - it would be lovely to collaborate, but one of the aims of my research is to ensure it gets handed over so that local scientists are taking responsibility for it.

    RO - what an amazing coincidence! You weren't in London on Sunday by any chance?

    Juliet - the warning was there in the title - especially for you ;)

    Petoskystone - good point. Here a lot of the navigation's via prominent pubs

    CIMS - and the rest of the pink decor ;)

    PG - yes it is - you can't miss them!

    Joanne - no, we didn't sample their fare. There were lots of squeals coming out of the shop when I was taking the photo. I think they may have spotted me!

    Neva - welcome back! I think we might another time

    SG - that's an interesting point. I don't suppose a shade in keeping with their name (Brownies) would be as effective

  9. I love the idea of pink umbrellas (I am a rose person) and the idea of having a lovely tea under one. I hope you did have a lovely tea.

  10. Commonweeder - they seem to be pretty popular judging by the search hits I'm getting for a similar picture on my photography blog :) Perhaps I'll get a nice free cup of tea the next time?


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