Things in Unusual Places #4: Porcelain Flowers

NAH and I took a little trip out to Shepton Mallet last week because I'd heard on our local TV news their garden centre has a most unusual use for porcelain flowers. They're the work of Clark Sorensen, an artist based in San Francisco - aren't they just fabulous? If you click on the link you'll not only find lots more examples of his work, you'll also see the eye watering prices they command. Each urinal is signed and the flower identified: in this case we have a red Hibiscus, an orange Orchid and a Slipper Orchid. I wonder which one gets used the most?

Ladies - if you're thinking we're rather left out, just look at what I found in our loos. I had a lovely time playing with them :)

These aren't the first flowery loos in the UK: last year Barton Grange in Lancashire installed a slightly different set in their garden centre. I do hope they catch on elsewhere because let's face it, we do need to mix a bit of fun with our gardening don't we?

And finally, I leave you with this extra link, which proves the noble art of headline writing and punning commentary isn't dead. So don't be po faced - let your humourous comments commence!


  1. These are just wonderful
    I want one - well maybe the handbasin not the urinal.
    I am curious - did you take the pic or NAH?

  2. PS - Shedman says, knowing men, he wonders how hard they are to keep clean!

  3. I remember seeing an article on this last year some time in AG magazine. Very attractive

  4. the same thought occured to me: cleaning! plus an american/urban thought: vandalism? they are certainly lovley to look at!!

  5. I'd read about this some time ago when I was still working at the last place--none of my coworkers appreciated the urinals as much as I did, in fact. Ludites!

  6. That headline in Metro is worthy of the mighty Amateur Gardening. By the way have you been over to the Sea of Immeasurable Gravy today - seems like urinating is the big theme of the day. Maybe it should be known as Take a Leak Tuesday from now on?

  7. OMG - that is too funny! I wonder how men feel using those, does it fulfill their latent need to whizz in the great outdoors?

  8. Oh love it! Sadly I think the urinals are more stunning than the washbasins.

  9. Oh I love them...but I think most men wouldn't even realize they were flowers...LOL!!!!!

  10. I don't think I'll ever want to put my nose anywhere near a daffodil again.

  11. Sorry, just realised it's an orchid. Phew!

  12. Well VP if I am ever flush I will certainly treat himself to some fine porcelain :)

  13. Fantastic, I hope they do last and that the adage that quality gets respected rings true long may they last.

  14. Karen - who do you think? The same thought struck me as Shedman...

    PG - they must have been the Lnacashire ones as these have just been installed.

    Petoskystone - they're in a garden centre in a relatively quiet town, so unlikely to be used by anyone other than relatively genteel (?) gardeners!

    Monica - people are coming from all over the place just to see them, so they are appreciated around here :)

    Martyn - as a former AG headline scribe, you should know. It's an absolute pearler - I also like the 2nd comment on the article ;)

    MMD - I asked NAH if he tried them for size, but he wouldn't tell me!

    Elizabethm - I agree, but at least the ladies had something. The artist's website doesn't even show the handbasins.

    Dirt Princess - you could be right!

    Victoria - I thought it was a daffodil too.

    Anna - which one would you go for?

    Grethic - welcome and thanks for Following :) Hopefully they'll last a long time...

  15. Ha. I love these. I actually posted a pick of one of them a long while back. You know, if every restroom (or WC) had one we'd all be happier, don't you think?

  16. Benjamin - so glad you're a fan too. You're right we need more of this kind of thing, so we don't get down in the dumps.


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