Dog Daze

The adorable Tilly - an 11-week old labradoodle - has entered our next door neighbours' lives recently, so they've had to have a rethink of the contents of their garden as many of the plants are toxic to dogs. I offered to take all the branches of one inch thickness or less and I also collected those they'd pruned from where my Fuchsia was overhanging their drive: it's been full of wasps lately and proving to be a hazard to any passengers getting out of their car.

I set to this morning with my shredder and now have three enormous bags of chippings to mulch some of my paths up at the allotment. And because I've saved my neighbours from a trip to the tip, I've been invited round for Sunday lunch, plus more fun and games with Tilly. Result!


  1. VP that patio design is gorgeous girl ! My friend who lives near Shropshire just got a kitten from the rescue and they have called her Tilly ! .. So that drew my eye in quickly to your post. She is adorable .. and wow ! you have a lot of free mulch now girl .. great idea!
    Joy : )

  2. I love the photo of Tilly! I hope that we get to hear, and see, more of her! xx

  3. Hi VP, sounds like win-win-win for all involved. Shredded wood chips are so wonderful, lucky you and lucky neighbors and luckiest of all Tilly! A real cutie pie. :-)

  4. Sweet pup. Would love some shredded wood chips in my garden right about now at the end of summer. Thanks for the monkey reading comment. They repeated the performance tonight.

  5. Joy - thank you :) Lots of mulch, but sadly not enough! Hopefully autumn clearing will help out in that department.

    Flighty - we're invited over to see her any time, so I expect you will :)

    Frances - she certainly is cute. We're all queuing up for walking duties as soon as she's let out in the neighbourhood!

    Deb - lets hope they keep going with that one. Must be their mother's influence!

    HM - she still is too!


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