ABC of Weather: Barometer

This object may not look that much and I'm sure it's not that valuable, but NAH had this barometer on the wall of his flat when he first took me home and so it is a precious thing. It probably doesn't measure the atmospheric pressure around us that accurately either, but I do like tapping it every so often to see how the arrows move and thus broadly showing how our weather will be over the next few hours. As you can see, things are set fair and very dry at the moment. That's because high pressure (i.e. an anticyclone) has come over from continental Europe, and things are decidedly chilly again. Of course if this was the summer, we'd be cheering very loudly at this reading because it would mean sunny, hot days ahead. Just right for being out in the garden.

We had some sunshine today too. I was glad today's task was shredding loads of stuff I'd cleared up in the garden as all that lifting and carrying counteracted the icy blast around me. Brrr!

Changes in atmospheric pressure may also be the origins of the phrase feeling under the weather. Research in the Ukraine has shown that even slight changes can affect our ability to concentrate or our short-term memory. So the next time you've lost that oojamawhatsit, you know what to blame it on now ;)

How's the weather with you today?

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  1. Shame that I am not a betting woman. I thought that you would chose barometer for B and I have a hunch what your C post will be :) Here it has been grey for days :(

  2. Anna - tee hee! I haven't decided on C yet, the list of possible contenders is pretty long...

  3. cold, sunny, damp and slushy, all mixed into more cold - with a dash of hope. Your barometer is much more attractive than our digital one from radio shack..

  4. When you're older, you'll be able to predict weather changes in your joints without benefit of the barometer, which is a fun thing.

  5. This one is unique, I used to see thermometer but not barometer. And this one is so much prettier than the digital ones. ^_^

    ABC: Bean

  6. i think barometers are really cool. I think all those weather measurers are interesting.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you. – Ramblin’ with Roger

  7. Cold overnight. I ;ove barometers and the like and there is a wonderful place nr Malmsbury that sells old ones and grandfather clocks. I have an electronic one - but not the same as tapping the glass each day!

  8. I always get sinus headaches when the barometric pressure is dropping. I could tell yesterday afternoon that we were in for a real doozy of storm today.

  9. I'm liking your theme for Round 6! Thanks!

  10. Hi everyone - our barometer's set to High at the moment which means it's very cold but sunny. It means I can get out into the garden at last :)


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